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Bingenheimer, Marcus

Institution: Temple University
Department: Department of Religion

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Marcus Bingenheimer 馬德偉 teaches in the Department of Religion. He was born in Germany. He obtained an MA (Sinology) and Dr.phil (History of Religions) from Würzburg University and an MA (Communication Studies) from Nagoya University. Continue reading

Huimin, Bhikshu

Institution: Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts
Department: Department of Buddhist Studies

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Venerable Bhiksu Huimin is a professor at the Taipei National University of the Arts and the president of the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts. He was born in Taiwan in 1954 and ordained in 1979. He completed a PhD thesis on the meditation objects (ālaṃbana) of the Śrāvakabhūmi at the University of Tokyo in 1992. Continue reading

Rusk, Bruce

Institution: University of British Columbia
Department: Department of Asian Studies

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Bruce Rusk is an Associate Professor in the Department of Asian Studies. His main areas of research and teaching are the cultural history of China, especially the Ming (1368–1644) through early Qing (1644–1911) dynasties. He has worked on the history of textual studies, literary culture, writing systems, and connoisseurship. Continue reading

Shimoda, Masahiro

Institution: University of Tokyo
Department: Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology

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Prof. Shimoda specializes in the history of the formation of the scriptures of Indian Buddhism, as well as Digital Humanities. Concerning the former, he focuses on the clarification of the background of history of thought and social history from early Buddhism to Mahāyāna Buddhism through the formation process clarified in the sutras and vinayas.Continue reading

Wu, Jiang

Institution: University of Arizona
Department: Department of East Asian Studies

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Jiang Wu is currently a professor in Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Arizona (Tucson). His research interests include seventeenth-century Chinese Buddhism, especially Chan/Zen Buddhism, the role of Buddhist canons in the formation of East Asian Buddhist culture, and the historical exchanges between Chinese Buddhism and Japanese Buddhism. Continue reading