Cluster Leader: Paul Copp, University of Chicago

This cluster will examine religious manuscripts and early xylographs from East Asia with a focus on the ways that certain forms of “text”–such as, for example, the talismanic glyphs known in Chinese as fu (etc), or the very layouts of words on the page–functioned also as images, as well as the ways that text and image combined (for example, in frontispieces on block-prints) to create the effects found in these works. Research will be primarily archival, visiting collections such as those in London, Paris, Berlin, St. Petersburg, and various cities in China, Korea, and Japan (as well as, whenever possible, their digital collections online). Research will also be comparative within the larger project, collaborating whenever possible with other clusters, such as “Typologies of Text and Image Relations (cliffs/caves).”

Cluster 3.5

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Cluster 3.5: 34.047863, 100.619655