How Zen Became Chan: Presentations

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  1. “Sudden awakening makes precepts perfect: Ven. Seongcheol’s Seon doxography”, Juhn Ahn
  2. “Time for a Paradigm Change in Chan Studies?”, Alan Cole
  3. “One Villain, Two Faces—Contrast between Moheyan in Judgement and in Tibetan Sources”, Allan Yi Ding
  4. “Sitting with the Death of a Tree”, Chris Goto-Jones
  5. “Chan Studies as Chinese Studies: A Study of Chinese Chan History at Kyoto University”, He Yansheng
  6. “The Story of Zhenru Monastery’s Conversion to the Chan Sanfeng Lineage”, Yi-hsun Huang
  7. “A Reconsideration of the Historical Significance of Heze Shenhui”, Ibuki Atsushi
  8. “墓誌所見唐代世族夫人習禪風尚”, Jiang Hainu 蒋海怒
  9. “Zengaku: The Foundations of Modern Zen Scholarships”, John Jorgensen
  10. “宋代曹洞宗的社會網絡”, Kong Yan 孔雁
  11. “Mind and Awakening in the Debate between Neo Confucianism and Buddhism”, Li Chunying
  12. “Tiantai Serenity-Contemplation and the Language Samadhi”, Li Huawei
  13. “The Zen of Mahāvairocana – Reconsidering the Taxonomy of Zen”, Stephan Kigensan Licha
  14. “鈴木大拙・久松真一が東アジアの美術・藝能に見た「禅」なるものを検証する”, Shigeta Michi 重田みち
  15. “Translating Zen into Philosophy: the case of Dōgen’s Uji”, Raji C. Steineck
  16. “Chan/Zen and the art of quoting”, Laurent Van Cutsem
  17. “Meditation Practices in Tibetan and Chinese Chan Manuscripts from Dunhuang”, Sam van Schaik
  18. “Sot’aesan’s Re-invention of Kanhwa Meditation in Wŏn Buddhism”, Sung Ha Yun
  19. Writing and Compiling in Chan Temple at the End of Yuan”, Zhang Fu
  20. “Thick translation and modern representation of Chan”, Yanfei Zhao
  21. “The Spectrum of Chan Normativity within The Poems from the Cold Mountain”, Marcel Werbik 韋馬策