International Conference on Buddhist Manuscript Cultures: Production and Preservation of Buddhist Manuscripts in Central and East Asia – Schedule

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An International Conference

Buddhist Manuscript Culture: Production & Preservation of Buddhist Manuscripts in Central and East Asia

Dates: August 30-31, 2018;

Venue: Vivien Stewart room, Murray Edwards College,  the University of Cambridge, UK

Sponsoring 主辦:
Research Center for Buddhist Texts and Arts (RCBTA) at Peking University 北京大學佛教典籍與藝術研究中心

The Buddhist Studies Forum at the University of British Columbia 加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學佛學論壇

Glorisun Global Network of Buddhist Studies at Cambridge 劍橋–旭日國際佛學研究網絡

Hosting 承辦:
Glorisun Global Network of Buddhist Studies at Cambridge 劍橋–旭日國際佛學研究網絡


DAY I 1                                       August 30, 2018: Conference (Whole Day) 研討會 (全天)

8:50-9:00                         Greeting Remarks from Imre Galambos and Jinhua Chen 高奕睿與陳金華  致歡迎詞

9:00-11:30                       Panel 部會 1  Religions Tied by Paper 寫本所見諸教交融 (Chair:   Agnieszka HELMAN-WAZNY 主持)

1.1. (9:00-9:15)                        T. H. BARRETT (SOAS, University of London 英國倫敦大學亞非學院): Liu Yan’s 劉宴 (716-780) Essay on “Three religions”: Its Manuscripts Found in Dunhuang and Japan

1.2. (9:15-9:30)                        CHEN Jidong 陳繼東(青山學院大學): 布袋和尚在日本的變容:《布袋物語》之考察

1.3. (9:30-9:45)                        Alan G. WAGNER (CRCAO, Collège de France 法國法蘭西學院): The Discourse Record of Layman Ruru, Transformed into Canonical Liturgical Materials

1.4. (9:45-10:00)                      TONG Ling 童嶺 (Nanking University 南京大學): 中國中世紀儒教與佛教的鈔本文化

1.5. (10:00-10:15)                    WANG Xiaolin 王小林 (City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學): The Manuscript of Man’yōshū 萬葉集 and the Thought of Tathāgata-garbha

Comment (10:15-10:30)         Henrik H. Sørensen 索仁森    評議

Discussion (10:30-11:30)       Open Floor 開放討論


11:30-13:00                      Lunch Break 午餐


13:00-14:45                     Panel 部會 2    Manuscripts in Motion (within East Asia)  寫本遷移 (東亞內) (Chair: CHEN Jidong 陳繼東  主持)  

2.1. (13:00-13:15)                   Mark DENIS (Texas Christian University 美國德克薩斯基督教大學): An Investigation of the Relationship between Prince Shōtoku’s Shōmangyō-gisho and Two Dunhuang Buddhist Manuscripts: A Debate over Originality and Canonical Value-Part II

2.2. (13:15-13:30)                   George KEYWORTH 紀强 (University of Saskatchewan 加拿大薩斯喀徹溫大學): On Manuscript editions of the Suvaraprabhāsottama-sūtra 金光明最勝王經 from Dunhuang and Ancient Japan

2.3. (13:30-13:45)                   KIM Jiyun 金知姸 (Geumgang University 韓國金剛大學): Distribution and Preservation of the Manuscript of Shi Moheyan Lun 釋摩訶衍論 in East Asia

Comment (13:45-14:00)        LONG Darui 龍達瑞    評議

Discussion (14:00-14:45)      Open Floor 開放討論


14:45-15:00                    Tea/Coffee Break 茶歇


15:00-16:45                      Panel 部會3 Manuscripts in Motion (Beyond East Asia)  寫本遷移 (東亞外) (Chair: KIM Jiyun 金知姸  主持)

3.1. (15:00-15:15)                    Daisy Sze Yui CHEUNG (University of Hamburg 德國漢堡大學): How a Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscript Travels from India and Nepal to Germany via Tibet: Göttingen Cod. Ms. Sanscr. 259 and Kambala’s Navaślokī

3.2. (15:15-15:30)                    LONG Darui 龍達瑞 (University of the West 美國西來大學): A Preliminary Report on the Chinese Buddhist Literature Kept at Jagiellonian Library in Poland

3.3. (15:30-15:45)                    Leonard VAN DER KUIJP 范德康 (Harvard 美國哈佛大學): Apropos of the Manuscript Transmission of Sa skya Paṇḍita’s (1182-1251) Tshad ma rigs pa’i gter

3.4. (15:45-16:00)                   Sainbileg Byambadorj (National Library of Mongolia 蒙古國家圖書館): Establishment of Mongolian Collections of Buddhism: Highlights of Physical Appearances and Translations

Comment (16:00-16:15)         George KEYWORTH 紀强   評議

Discussion (16:15-17:00)       Open Floor 開放討論

17:30-19:00                             Dinner 晚宴


Day II 2                           August 31, 2018: Conference (Whole Day) 研討會(全天)

9:00-10:30                       Panel 部會 4  Manuscript Materiality 寫本物質性 (Chair: Costantino MORETTI 牟和諦  主持)

4.1. (9:00-9:15)                        Agnieszka HELMAN-WAZNY (University of Hamburg 德國漢堡大學): Manuscripts from the Silk Roads: Stories Told by Paper

4.2. (9:15-9:30)                        FENG Jing 馮婧 (Cambridge University 英國劍橋大學): Continuity and Discontinuity: Some Reflections on the Layout of the Dunhuang Manuscripts

4.3. (9:30-9:45)                        Imre GALAMBOS 高奕睿 (Cambrodge 英國劍橋大學): Hyphenation-type marks in Chinese manuscripts from Dunhuang and Khara-khoto

Comment (9:45-10:00)           Brian Steininger   評議

Discussion (10:00-10:30)       Open Floor 開放討論


10:30-10:45                      Tea/Coffee Break 茶歇


10:45-12:15                      Panel 部會 5  Stone & Paper 金石與紙本 (Chair: Henrik H. Sørensen 索仁森 主持)

5.1. (10:45-11:00)                    WEI Zheng 韋正 (Peking University 北京大學): 炳靈寺169窟「建弘五年」題記與第6龕的年代問題——兼及《大方廣佛華嚴經》傳入河隴地區的年代

5.2. (11:00-11:15)                    LU Yang 陸揚 (Peking University 北京大學):  The Making of Buddhist Exegetical Tradition in Medieval China: New Evidences from Medieval Epigraphy and Manuscript

5.3. (11:15-11:30)                    CHEN Jinhua 陳金華 (UBC 加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學): 東亞宗教多媒質資料與跨學科研究芻議

Comment (11:30-11:45)         WANG Xiaolin 王小林   評議

Discussion (11:45-12:15)       Open Floor 開放討論


12:15-14:00                      Lunch Break 午餐


14:00-15:30                      Panel 部會 6 Perusal of Paper: Different Aspects of Buddhism Revealed through Manuscripts 寫本研讀:佛教不同面向透視 (1) (Chair: Imre GALAMBOS 高奕睿  主持) 

6.1. (14:00-14:15)                    WANG Lina 王麗娜 (Peking University北京大學/National Library of China 中國國家圖書館):漢譯四部廣律中的佛傳研究

6.2. (14:15-14:30)                    SHENG Kai 聖凱 (Tsing-hua University 清華大學): 《大乘義章》的組織結構與思想框架——以敦煌遺書《菩薩藏眾經要》比較為中心

6.3. (14:30-14:45)                    CHEN Ruifeng 陳瑞峰 (McMaster University 加拿大麥克馬斯特大學): A Survey of the Dunhuang Chinese Manuscripts of the Youposai jie jing 優婆塞戒經 (Sūtra on Upāsaka Precepts) and a Study of Their Colophons

Comment (14:45-15:00)         Costantino MORETTI 牟和諦  評議

Discussion (15:00-15:30)       Open Floor 開放討論


15:30-15:45                      Tea/Coffee Break茶歇


15:45-17:45                      Panel 部會 7 Perusal of Paper: Different Aspects of Buddhism Revealed through Manuscripts 寫本研讀: 佛教不同面向透視 (2) (Chair: SHENG Kai 聖凱 主持) 

7.1. (15:45-16:00)                    Costantino MORETTI 牟和諦 (École française d’Extrême-Orient 法國遠東學院): Philological and Codicological Notes on a Buddhist Cosmological Chart in the Dunhuang Manuscript Collection

7.2. (16:00-16:15)                    Asuka SANGO (Carleton College 美國卡爾頓學院): Buddhist Debate (rongi) and the Production of Shōgyō Manuscript in Medieval Japan

7.3. (16:15-16:30)                    Henrik H. Sørensen 索仁森 (ERC project BuddhistRoad, CERES, Ruhr-Universität Bochum 德國波鴻大學): Donations and the Production of Buddhist Scriptures in Dunhuang during the 10th Century

7.4. (16:30-16:45)                    Brian Steininger (Princeton 美國普林斯頓大學): “Prayers for Mediation: 13th-Century Textual Culture between Kōya and Kamakura

Comment (16:45-17:00)         T. H. Barrett 巴瑞特   評議

Discussion (17:00-17:45)       Open Floor 開放討論


17:45-18:30                              Final Discussion and Concluding Remarks 最終討論並總結發言


18:30-20:00                      Farewell Banquet 歡送晚宴