East Asian Manuscript and Print as Harbingers of the Digital Future — Schedule

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February 5, 2016Japanese Rare Books Workshop

Irving K Barber Learning Centre, Lillooet and Dodson Rooms, 10:00 AM
  • Led by Sasaki Takahiro, this workshop is aimed at graduate students, curators, librarians, and faculty.
  • For more information, please see Japanese Rare Books Workshop.

March 15, 2016Exhibition Opening

Asian Centre Lobby, 4:30 PM

May 26, 2016 — Opening Lecture & Welcome Dinner

Peter Wall Institute, Room 307, 5:30 PM

6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver

  • [5:30-6:00]  Welcome refreshments
  • [6:00-6:30] Opening lecture by Stephen F. Teiser (Princeton University):  “The Beginning and End of Dunhuang Manuscripts”
  • [6:30-7:30]  Discussion and dinner
  • Abstract PDF

May 27, 2016

Panel 1: Technological Transformation and Written Culture Seen through the Manuscript-Print Relationship in East Asia

Peter Wall Institute, Room 307, 9:00 AM

6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver

  • [9:00-9:10]    Welcome from organizers Jinhua Chen and Christina Laffin
  • [9:10-10:40]  Panel 1
    • Discussant: Christina Laffin (UBC)
    • Panelist: Barend ter Haar (University of Oxford), “Manuscript Variation as a Sign of Oral Tradition?: The Case of the Scripture of the Five Lords” 
    • Panelist: Ross King (UBC), “From Manuscript to Print and Back Again: The Advent of Printed Vernacular Exegeses of Buddhist Texts and their Impact on Korea Reading and Glossing Practices”
    • Panelist: Mikael S. Adolphson (University of Alberta), “Document Cultures in Medieval Japan
  • Panel 1: Abstracts PDF
  • [10:40]     Coffee Break

Panel 2: The Tenacity of the Manuscript in the Age of Print

Peter Wall Institute, Room 307, 10:50 AM

6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver

  • [10:50-12:50 PM]  Panel 2
    • Discussant: Stephen F. Teiser (Princeton University)
    • Panelist: Michael Friedrich (University of Hamburg), “What Can Manuscript Studies Contribute to the Study of East Asian Religions?”
    • Panelist: Bruce Rusk (UBC), “Imagining a Manuscript in an Age of fPrint”
    • Panelist: Sinae Park (Harvard University), “Old Stories Read Anew: The Printing of Choson Yadam Narratives in 1910’s Story Collections”
  • Panel 2: Abstracts PDF
  • [12:20-1:30]    Lunch

Visit to Rare Books and Special Collections at Museum of Anthropology (MOA)

MOA, 1:30 PM

6393 NW Marine Drive, Vancouver

  • Rare Books and Special Collections Acting Head: Katherine Kalsbeek
  • MOA Asia Curator: Fuyubi Nakamura

Public Colloquium: Exploring the Past and Future of East Asian Manuscripts

CK Choi, Room 120, 3:00 PM

  • [3:00-5:00]  Public Colloquium
    • Moderator: Joshua Mostow (UBC)
    • Speaker: Peter Kornicki (University of Cambridge), “‘Though an Angel Should Write, Still ’tis Devils Must Print’: The Long life of Manuscript Culture in East Asia”
    • Speaker: Lewis Lancaster (University of California, Berkeley), “Scribal Technologies: New surfaces on which to write”
  • Colloquium: Abstracts PDF
  • [5:00-6:30]  Reception and Refreshments
  • [6:30-       ]  Dinner

May 28, 2016

  • [10:00-10:15]  Coffee and tea

Panel 3: Manuscripts and East Asian Material Culture

Peter Wall Institute, Room 307, 10:15 AM

6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver

  • [10:15-11:45]  Panel 3
    • Discussant: Ross King (UBC)
    • Panelist: Eugene Wang (Harvard University), “Manuscripts and Cave Paintings: From Gilgit to Dunhuang”​
    • Panelist: James Robson (Harvard University), “The Persistence of the Pen: Handwritten Manuscripts in the Print and Digital Age”
    • Panelist: Fuyubi Nakamura (UBC), “The Infinite Possibility of Words: Contemporary Art from Asia”
  • Panel 3: Abstracts PDF
  • [11:45 AM-12:45 PM]  Lunch

Panel 4: Digitization, Preservation, and the Impact of New Technologies

Peter Wall Institute, Room 307, 10:15 AM

6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver

  • [12:45-2:15]  Panel 4
    • Discussant: Shirin Eshghi (Interim Scholarly Communications Librarian and Japanese Librarian, UBC)
    • Panelist: Joshua Mostow (UBC), “Technologies of Learning and Popular Literary Literacy in Early Modern Japan”
    • Panelist: Saeko Suzuki (Tateuchi Cataloger for Japanese Retrospective Conversion, University of Washington), “Practices and Issues in the Digitization of Japanese Premodern Materials in Academic Libraries”
    • Panelist: Tōru Tomabechi and Kiyonori Nagasaki, “The SAT Project: Toward a New Ecosystem for Buddhist Studies”​
  • Panel 4: Abstracts PDF
  • [2:15-2:30]  Refreshments

Panel 5: From Paper to Virtual Page: Digitization, Disruption, and the Future of Books

Peter Wall Institute, Room 307, 2:30 PM

6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver

  • [2:30-3:30]  Panel 5
    • Discussant: Bruce Rusk (UBC)
    • Panelist: Naomi Kasumi (Artist; Seattle University), “The Handwritten and Printed Word in a Digital Age: Book as Art & Art as Book, an intimate relationship with hand-held objects”
    • Panelist: Michael Bourne (Writer, editor, and critic): “The Virtual Book Page: Literary Criticism in an Age of Disruption”
  • Panel 5: Abstracts PDF
  • [3:30-3:45]  Closing Remarks from Jinhua Chen and Christina Laffin


Downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park, 4:00 PM

  • [5:30-      ]  Farewell Dinner