Cluster Leader: George Keyworth, University of Saskatchewan

This cluster is tasked with investigating two questions: what roles did editors, scribes, translators, and readers play in canon-making of Buddhist literature in Chinese, and how did non-religious factors shape this process? The goals of cluster 2.2 are to identify, catalog, and examine where “secondary” production took place and which individuals, groups, or institutions played prominent roles in re-shaping the canon(s). During the summer of 2017, researchers and students will take field trips to several sites in Kyoto where the Matsuo shrine canon is currently held (Myōrenji 妙蓮寺 and Furitsu sōgō shiryōkan 京都府立総合資料館) and where it was produced (Matsuo shrine 松尾大社). We will also visit Tendaishū 天台宗 sites in Shiga prefecture 滋賀県 where the Matsuo scriptures were copied from (Miidera 三井寺, Eizan bunko 叡山文庫), and one (or two) other temples with twelfth-century manuscript canons of their own (Shingonshū 真言宗: Ishiyama-dera 石山寺 and Amanosan Kongōji 天野山金剛寺 or Daigoji 醍醐寺).

View digital data collection for Cluster 2.2 here.

The report from the 2018 field visit can be found here.

Photo of 2018 group


Affiliated Researchers Associated Researchers
Baycroft, Anne (University of Saskatchewan) – 2017, 2019 Baba, Hisayuki (Bukkyō University (Kyoto)) – 2017
Bingenheimer, Marcus  (Temple University) – 2017 Daisuke, Teshima (Nagoya University) – 2017
Doell, Steffen (University of Hamburg ) – 2017, 2018 Duoer, Daigengna (University of Toronto) – 2017
Galambos, Imre (Cambridge University) – 2017, 2019 Guilbault, Russell (University of Buffalo) – 2017
Hou, Xiaoming (École pratique des hautes études) – 2017 Jamentz, Michael (Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto)) – 2017
Keller, Matthew (University of Southern California) – 2017 Kenryō, Shibata (Nagoya University) – 2017
Keyworth, George (University of Saskatchewan) – 2017, 2018, 2019 Lin, Pei-ying (Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan)) – 2017, 2018
Kochinski, Lisa (University of Southern California) – 2017 Pedersen, Hillary (Doshisha University) – 2017
Messerschmid, Léo (University of Hamburg) – 2017 Tsui, Chunghui (University of Hong Kong) – 2017
Wu, Jiang (University of Arizona) – 2017, 2019 Tu, Xiaofei (Appalachian State University) – 2017
Andrews, Susan (Mount Allison University) – 2018 Borgen, Robert (University of California Davis) – 2018
Chon, Barom (Temple University) – 2018 Gong, Yi (University of Arizona) – 2018
Kim, Youn-mi (Ewha Womans University) – 2018, 2019 Grossman, Eike (Hamburg University) – 2018
McBride, Richard (Brigham Young University-Hawaii) – 2018, 2019 Tian, Menglu (University of British Columbia) – 2018, 2019
Roh, Yohong (Temple University) – 2018 Wu, Chih-ying (University of California Berkeley) – 2018
Zhai, Minhao (Princeton University) – 2018 Chan, David (University of Michigan) – 2019
Van Cutsem, Laurent (Ghent University) – 2019 Shibata, Kenryō (Nagoya University) – 2017
Luo, Yuqing (Columbia University) – 2019 Teshima, Daisuke (Nagoya University) – 2017
Cluster 2.2

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Myōrenji Temple: 35.017532, 135.763359
Matsuo Taisha: 35.000560, 135.688060
Miidera: 35.013400, 135.852900
Ishiyamadera: 34.960900, 135.907400
Haeinsa 海印寺: 35.801100, 128.098000
Tongdosa 通度寺: 35.487945, 129.065106
Pulguksa 佛國寺: 35.789871, 129.331942
Yunjusi 雲居寺: 39.609317, 115.774244
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Myōrenji Temple
Myōrenji Temple, Kyoto, Japan
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Matsuo Taisha
Matsuo Taisha, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
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Miidera, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
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Ishiyamadera, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
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Haeinsa 海印寺
Haeinsa 경상남도, South Korea
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Tongdosa 通度寺
Tongdosa 通度寺, Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
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Pulguksa 佛國寺
Pulguksa 佛國寺, Jinhyeon-dong, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
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Yunjusi 雲居寺