Training Program—Mission

Two other components of our training and fieldwork plan will include both summer and winter programs. These have been inspired by the idea of “site seminars.” In the site seminar model, one of the most effective ways to teach about religious traditions is to provide lectures about the tradition with regard to a select number of significant sites which are important to the formation and transformation of a religious tradition (or traditions) under review (Relevant Experiences). Related to the summer program is a Translation Series that will provide current scholarship on EA religions in European languages available in Chinese translation. We have designed the project in such a way so that we will be able to turn each translation process into a valuable training opportunity for our students. By bringing a group of distinguished scholars and some of the most talented and promising students from around the world together, during daily, face-to-face interactions, these programs are, once again, designed to refine students’ intercultural communication skills, and acquire experience with building and managing international research collaboration through programs and studies.