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Advisory Committee: Five-member consultatory committee of scholars and one industry representative. T. H. Barrett (SOAS), Robert Buswell (UCLA), Phyllis Granoff (Yale), Victor Mair (Pennsylvania), Atsuo Nakayama (Bandai Namco)

Cluster: One of the fifteen thematic research groups housed under the three Research Programs.

Affiliated cluster: This is the primary cluster, and under which research funds will be managed.

Associated cluster(s): These are other clusters undertaking research that participants are encouraged to participate in, to encourage collaboration and resource sharing.

Cluster Leaders: Scholars leading each research cluster.  Yinggang Sun (Zhejiang) for “From Oral to Digital;” Marcus Bingenheimer (Temple) for “Religion & Technology;” Susan Andrews (Mount Alison) for “Market & Merit;” Lori Meeks (USC) for “Enriched Reading Practices;” Jiang Wu (Arizona) for “Extended “Textual Communities;” Jinhua Jia (Macau) for “Authenticity and Authority;” George Keyworth (Saskatchewan) for “‘Secondary’ Producers, ‘Primary’ Roles;” Barend ter Haar for (Oxford) for “Continuous Revelations;” Ming Chen (Peking) for “The Power of Language & Script;” Limei Chi (Tsurumi) for “From the Canonical to the Post-Canonical;” Imre Galambos (Cambridge) for “Dunhuang “Transformation Tableaux;” Kai Sheng (Tsinghua) for “Image Inscriptions across East Asia;” James Robson (Harvard) for “Texts in Statues;” Christoph Anderl (Ghent) for “Text Used as Image;” Paul Copp (Chicago) for “Cliff-Texts as Images”

CO: Communications Officer. Responsible for coordinating with collaborators and partner institutions and communicating with related projects in the field.

CSC (Central Steering Committee): Nine-member committee responsible for decision-making in consultation with Executive Committee, Advisory Committee. James Benn (McMaster), Jinhua Chen (UBC),  Bhiksu Huimin (DILA), Vincent Goossaert (EPHE), Ann Heirman (Ghent), Christina Laffin (UBC), Bruce Rusk (UBC),  Stephen Teiser (Princeton).

Database Management Subcommittee: Marcus Bingenheimer (Temple), Bruce Rusk (UBC), Bhiksu Huimin (DILA), Masahiro Shimoda (Tokyo), Jiang Wu (Arizona)

Database Manager: Oversees the set-up and maintenance of the project database.

Executive Committee: Three-member committee responsible for decisions related to administration of SSHRC project. James Benn (McMaster), Jinhua Chen (UBC), Christina Laffin (UBC).

Exhibition Subcommittee: Christina Laffin (UBC), Fuyubi Nakamura (UBC), Bruce Rusk (UBC).

FC: Fieldwork Committee. Oversees field trips in coordination with hosting or collaborating institutions. Consists of representatives from partner institutions connected to local religious or academic communities: (1) Limei Chi (Tsurumi), (2) Jongmyung Kim (Academy of Korean Studies), (3) Youn-mi Kim (Yale), (4) Christina Laffin (UBC), 5. Jessica Main (UBC), (6) Kai Sheng (Tsinghua), (7) Yinggang Sun (Zhejiang), and (8) Ru Zhan (Peking).

Fieldtrips, field visits: research trips taken to collect data and undertake training.

GIS: Geographic(al) Information System. System designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data.

In-kind contribution: Defined by SSHRC as “goods or services contributed to support a specific research project or research-related activity.”

KC: Knowledge Mobilization Committee. Four subcommittees overseeing (1) database management, (2) virtual exhibits, (3) publications, (4) undergraduate education and educational outreach.

knowledge mobilization: Activities and plans that facilitate the multidirectional flow and exchange of research knowledge. Getting timely information to those who will benefit both within and beyond the research community and receiving feedback.

Mitacs: Canadian funding source for industry link and international networking. “A national, not-for-profit research and training organization dedicated to advancing collaborations between industry, academia and government in Canada, and to fostering international research networks between Canadian universities and the world.” Acronym originally referred to “Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex System” but the program has expanded beyond these parameters.

Program Manager: UBC-based head administrator for the SSHRC project, Vicky Baker.

Publication Subcommittee: Zhihua Qin (Zhongxi Press), and Albert Hoffstadt (Brill), Jinhua Chen (UBC), Yinggang Sun (Zhejiang).

RC: Research Committee. Nine-member set of coordinators representing the three research pillars. Chen, Laffin, Teiser; Goosaert, King, Rusk; Benn, Kim, Wang.

Research Programs: The three pillars of this SSHRC project. Medium vs. Message; Canon-making & Breaking; Text vs. Image.

SSHRC: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Canadian research funding agency for post-secondary research and training in the humanities and social sciences. Part of the federal “tri-council” funding agencies along with NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) and CIHR (Canadian Institutes for Health Research).

Undergraduate Education Subcommittee: Susan Andrews (Mount Alison), Amanda Goodman (Toronto), George Keyworth (Saskatchewan).