The training of highly qualified personnel (HQP) and students is a top priority of this research project. Although we also invite top scholars to UBC as visiting professors, who hold seminars for regular and visiting students, it is the following components that distinguish our training program:  1. Annual Fieldwork; 2. Summer & Winter Programs; 3. Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship Program; and 4. Exchanging/Visiting Studentships.

Our training and mentoring programs creatively combine research and training to produce a new generation of scholars who will have been immersed in on-site research within a cutting edge methodological approach to the field. Research opportunities in the Humanities have historically been largely restricted to “mature” scholars, for whom students frequently serve as assistants. By contrast, by bringing together junior and senior scholars with complementary sets of analytical, linguistic, technical, and organizational skills, learning and training will follow a dynamic, bidirectional model, which will take place in classrooms, libraries, archives, and on site in East Asia.