International Summer Program of Lecture Series, Conference, Forum, and Fieldwork on Buddhism & East Asian Cultures


The catalyst for our annual summer programs was a shared sense that students and scholars would gain much from having an opportunity to spend several weeks learning at a specific sacred site. Combining onsite experience with lectures by experts in the field has proven very effective in training graduate students and developing new fields of inquiry. At each summer program leading international scholars are invited to China, where they work with domestic and foreign graduate students. These seminars provide lectures about religious traditions and select a number of significant sites which are important to the formation and transformation of a religious tradition (or traditions) in East Asia.

By bringing a group of distinguished scholars and some of the most talented and promising students from around the world together during daily, face-to-face interactions, these programs are designed to refine students’ intercultural communication skills, and acquire experience with building and managing international research collaboration through programs and studies.

In addition to the seminars led by these researchers, this program involves: (1) a series of lectures by Chinese scholars; (2) regular conferences; (3) special conferences for graduate students; and (4) field trips.


Please see below for information on past summer programs:

2019 Summer Program August 2-9, 2019, Kunming 昆明, Yunnan, China

2018 Summer Program July 3–12, 2018, Mount Wutai 五臺山, China

2017 Summer Program July 12–20, 2017, Mount Wutai 五臺山, China

2016 Summer Program July 15–25, 2016. Mount Wutai 五臺山 & Datong 大同, China.

Summer Programs before 2016 were not supported by the FROGBEAR project:

2015 Summer Program August 3–13, 2015. Shanghai, China.

2014 Summer Program July 14–25, 2014. Beijing & Xi’an, China.

2013 Summer Program August 12–26, 2013. Shanghai, China.

2010 Summer Program July 21–August 10, 2010. Suzhou & Chengdu, China.

2009 Summer Program August 4–29, 2009. Beijing & Suzhou, China.

2008 Summer Program July 7–August 23, 2008. Beijing & Luoyang, China