Sixth Volume of “Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies”

Sixth Volume of “Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies”

A Forest of Knowledge: A Collection of Essays on Texts and Images in Celebration of Professor Koichi Shinohara’s Eightieth Birthday


Edited by Jinhua CHEN
Series: Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies VI
Hardcover ISBN: 978-981-17276-8-9
Paperback ISBN: 978-981-17282-0-4
Publishing Date: 2022
Publisher: World Scholastic Publishers
Pages: 648



Table of Contents

    • Preface: Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies (by ZHAN Ru 湛如)
    • List of Publications by Professor Kōichi Shinohara
    • A Recent Photo of Professor Kōichi Shinohara
    • Homage to My Teacher Shinohara (by CHEN Jinhua 陳金華)
    • Preface: Buddhist Practices and Esoteric Buddhist Rituals: A Study of East Asian Buddhism of Kōichi Shinohara (LI Wei 李巍)

1. History and His Stories: Sectarian Accounts and Monastic Biographya

    • 1.1.  Expanding the Master(’s) Hagiography: The Fo benxing ji jing, An Understudied Biography of the Buddha
      Max DEEG
    • 1.2.  A Forest of Accounts of Compiling the Buddhist Canon: Daoshi on Collecting and Collected Scriptures
      Alexander O. HSU 徐恩熙
    • 1.3.  When ‘Universal History’ Backfired: Qian Qianyi (1582–1664) on Tiantai Buddhism
      CHEN Lang 陳朗

2. Charms of Icons

    • 2.1.  On Buddhist Image Processions and Monastic Fund Drives in Early and Medieval India
      Gregory SCHOPEN
    • 2.2.  Xuanzang’s Indian Icons
      Robert L. BROWN
    • 2.3.  Daoxuan and the Medieval Chinese Encounter with Relics and Images
      Nelson LANDRY

3. Inter-faiths

    • 3.1.  Some East Asian Buddhist Attitudes towards Non-Buddhist practitioners in India
      James A. BENN
    • 3.2.  From Gandhāra to China: A Study on the Great God of the Five Paths
      SUN Yinggang 孫英剛
    • 3.3.  Kuaiji’s 會稽 ‘Forgotten Century’, the Cult of Yu 大禹, and Kuaiji Today
      Michael NYLAN & Thomas H. HAHN
    • 3.4.  Textuality and Materiality: A Comparative Perspective on Buddhist and Daoist Stone Lanterns in Tang China
      CHEN Huaiyu 陳懷宇

4. Esoteric Buddhism

    • 4.1.  Text and Image in Wuyue: An Investigation of King Qian Chu’s Printing of the Precious Chest Seal Dhāraṇī Sūtra
      Albert WELTER
    • 4.2.  From Scriptural to Familial: Textual Shifts of Zunsheng Dhāranī Tomb Pillars in Middle Period Northern Shanxi
      Jinping WANG 王錦萍
    • 4.3.  Joining the Eagle Peak Assembly: Text, Image, and Religious Identity in Nichiren’s ‘Great Mandala’
      Jacqueline I. STONE
    • 4.4.  On the Transmission of Sacred Teachings Documents as Depictions of Transmission in Medieval Shingon Buddhism in Japan: On Zenne’s 禅恵 (1284–1364) and His Ryūronshō 龍論鈔 [Notes on Nāgārjuna’s Treatise]
      George A. KEYWORTH
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  • Index of Titles
  • General Index


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