International Winter Program of Lecture Series, Conference, Forum, and Fieldwork on Buddhism & East Asian Cultures


Our summer program is a unique opportunity for Chinese and foreign students to collaborate on topics related to East Asian religions. The demand for this program has increased to such a degree that we have created a twin program to be held in winter.

Like the summer programs, our winter programs also invite leading scholars to open intensive seminars on themes of their choices on Buddhism but also on other non-Buddhist East Asian religions. A winter program typically includes: (1) a series of lectures by domestic scholars, (2) a regular conference,  (3) a forum for graduate students, (4) field trips, and (5) experiences of monastic rituals and other practices.


Please see below for information on past winter programs:

2019 Winter Program December 14–21, 2019, Kunming 昆明, China

2018–2019 Winter Program January 7-15, 2019, DILA, Taiwan

2017–2018 Winter Program January 13-21, 2018, DILA, Taiwan

2016 Winter Program December 10-19, 2016, DILA, Taiwan

Winter Programs before 2016 were not supported by the FROGBEAR project:

2014 Winter Program December 11-22, 2014, Mount Emei, China