The Project Director is Jinhua Chen (UBC), who works closely with the Project Manager Vicky Baker.

The Executive Committee (EC)  is comprised of three members who are authorized to respond to emergencies swiftly and decisively. The EC works closely with the Project Manager and the Central Steering Committee.

EC Members: James Benn (McMaster), Jinhua Chen (UBC), Christina Laffin (UBC)

In addition to the three Executive Committee members, the Central Steering Committee (CSC) is composed of six representatives affiliated with our partner universities and will be appointed to the committee on a rotating, biannual basis. The current representatives are:

1. Bhiksu Huimin (DILA),  2. Vincent Goossaert (EPHE), 3.  Ann Heirman (Ghent),  4. Bruce Rusk (UBC),  5. Stephen Teiser (Princeton), and 6. Michelle Wang (Georgetown)

The CSC facilitates communication and concurrently manages the potential challenges posed by this highly international and interdisciplinary academic project.

The CSC makes decisions on issues including those related to convening the congresses, appointing postdoctoral researchers and visiting professors, terminating under-performing partnerships or undertaking new ones, monitoring the teams’ overall progress in relation to the established milestones and timelines.

It also streamlines the lecture and conference series and ensure common standards for awarding visiting professorships, postdoctoral and graduate fellowships. The CSC will work diligently to make sure that the projects proceed as planned and that the well-being of all highly qualified personnel is guaranteed throughout the grant period. The CSC will also work with partner universities in EA to set agendas for field visits, select sites and arrange logistics to allow researchers to maximize fieldwork opportunities.

Finally, the CSC functions as a hub for receiving and sorting all feedback from clusters leaders and participants. The CSC also liaises with the following additional committees:

The Advisory Committee (AC), composed of four distinguished scholars and a scholar-businessman, advises the CSC on major decisions, as needed.

AC Members: T.H. Barrett (SOAS), Robert Buswell (UCLA), Phyllis Granoff (Yale), Victor Mair (Pennsylvania), Atsuo Nakayama (Bandai Namco)

The Fieldwork Committee is responsible for coordinating annual field visits in East Asia, and is composed of representatives:

FC Members: Chairs: George Keyworth (Saskatchewan), Vincent Goosseart (EPHE) Members: Marcus Bingenheimer (Temple), Jinhua Jia (Hong Kong Poly U), Bruce Rusk (UBC), Barend ter Haar (Hamburg).

The Knowledge Mobilization Committee works with four divisions: for database, virtual exhibition, publication, and undergraduate education and educational outreach respectively.

KMC Members: Christina Laffin (UBC), Ann Heirman (Ghent), Jinhua Chen (UBC), Amanda Goodman (Toronto).
Database Management: Marcus Bingenheimer (Temple), Bruce Rusk (UBC), Bhikshu Huimin (DILA), Masahiro Shimoda (Tokyo), Jiang Wu (Arizona)
Exhibitions: Fuyubi Nakamura (UBC), Diana Freundl (VAG), Christina Laffin (UBC), Bruce Rusk (UBC)
Publications: Zihua Qin (Zhongxi), Albert Hoffstadt (Brill), Yinggang Sun (Zhejiang), Jinhua Chen (UBC)
Undergraduate Education: Susan  Andrews (Mt Allison), Amanda Goodman (Toronto), George Keyworth (Saskatchewan)