Institution: Ewha Womans University
Department: Department of History of Art

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Kim, Youn-mi

Kim, Youn-mi

Youn-mi Kim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History of Art at Ewha Womans University. Professor Kim is a specialist in Chinese Buddhist art, but her broader interest in cross-cultural relationships between art and ritual extends to Korean and Japanese materials, as well. She is particularly interested in symbolic rituals, in which an architectural space serves as a non-human agent; the interplay between visibility and invisibility in Buddhist art; and the sacred spaces and religious macrocosms created by religious architecture for imaginary pilgrimages. Based on archaeological data from a medieval Chinese pagoda, her research has also investigated the historical traces of a Buddhist esoteric ritual from Liao China to Heian Japan. She is the editor of New Perspectives on Early Korean Art: From Silla to Koryo? (Cambridge, MA: Korea Institute, Harvard University, 2013), and she is currently working on a book manuscript entitled Art, Space, and Ritual in Medieval Buddhism: From a Liao Pagoda to Heian Japanese Esoteric Ritual.

Besides survey courses on Chinese art, she also teaches seminars on Chinese funerary art, religious art, and secular painting. Her teaching interests also include pre-modern Korean art.