A Student Reflection of The International and Intensive Program on Buddhism at UBC

My name is Zhang Anqi, a third-year undergraduate at Shanghai International Studies University 上海外國語大學 and Globalink Mitacs Intern at the University of Saskatchewan. Thanks to Prof. George Keyworth’s suggestion and encouragement, I’m very glad to have the chance to participate in the International and Intensive Program on Buddhism at the University of British Columbia.

My major is Korean language, so to be honest, I have very limited knowledge about Buddhism. I only began to learn about it this summer and focused mainly on Korean Buddhism. I only took part in Segment 2 led by Professors Zhe Ji, James Robson, and Christoph Anderl and found it very intensive. Luckily, all professors explained a lot of things in Chinese which helped me get through the program. My knowledge about Buddhism improves quickly.

I love the teaching method and class environment in the program. In China, as a student, what you should do is just listening to the teachers and if you have any questions, you should ask teachers in private, but students rarely do this. I prefer raising questions in class and discussing with teachers or professors directly and had the chance to experience it in the program. All three professors are erudite, open to questions, and mindful of all students.

Finally, I want to thank the program manager, Vicky Baker, for her organizing effort and support so that I can continue my internship. It is an unforgettable memory. I love UBC and all the professors and all the participants.

Zhang, Anqi is an undergraduate student in the Department of Asian and African Studies in Shanghai International Studies University. She is particularly interested in Korean Buddhism and other religions in Korea such as Shamanism and Confucianism. With a background in literature, she also takes an interest on how Buddhism texts influence Korean literature.