2013 ICSCC-FUDAN University Summer Program on Buddhism and Chinese Religions

August 12-26, 2013, Shanghai, China

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The International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization (ICSCC), Fudan University in Shanghai, China, with the assistance from the  UBC Buddhist Studies Forum, cordially invites applications for a two-week summer program in Buddhism and Chinese Religions (August 12-26, 2013) in Shanghai, China. Through this program, ICSCC has invited five international scholars to open five seminars on specific topics. These instructors include (alphabetically):

1. Stephen Bokenkamp (Professor, Arizona State University, USA):  This Foreign Religion of Ours: Daoist Responses to Buddhism in the Second to Sixth Centuries  

2. Jinhua Chen (Professor, Department of Asian Studies, the University of British Columbia, Canada):  The Dharma that Flowed: New Perspectives on Buddhism’s Cross-cultural Roles in Medieval Asia

3. Seishi Karashima (Professor, the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology, Soka University, Japan) A Philological Approach to Māhāyana Scriptures 

4. John Kieschnick  (Professor, Department of Religions;Stanford University,USA):  The Religious Life of Things: Buddhism and Material Culture 

5. Barend J.ter Haar(Professor, University of Oxford; UK):  Local Religious Culture in Late Imperial China;

All of the lectures are conducted bilingually (English and Chinese). In addition to these five seminars, this summer program also sponsors the following four more projects.

1. A Series of ten lectures Delivered by Chinese scholars on Buddhism and Chinese Religions (this series itself can also be attended as a separate course);(click here to download)

2. International Graduate Students Conference on Buddhism and Chinese Religions (August 12-16, 2013; at Fudan University);(schedule click here to download

3. An international conference on sacred space in Chinese religions, titled “sacred Spaceand Spatial Sacredness: The Composition and Development of the Spatial Factors in Medieval Chinese Religions, to be held at Fudan University, August 16-17, 2013 (conference information to be announced separately);

4. Occasional visits to renowned local historical sites (especially Buddhist and Daoist temples in Shanghai and the neighboring areas). Transportation fees and entrance tickets will be on the participants. 

This is not a degree program, but Fudan University will issue a certificate to each participant. A student is required to take at least three of these seminars (including the lecture series) offered by this program, and allowed to register for up to four seminars (there is, however, no limit on the number of seminars to be audited). Graduate students specializing in any Buddhist tradition or Chinese Religions, or advanced undergraduate students (3rd or 4th year) with some basic knowledge in Buddhism and Chinese Religions, are encouraged to apply. Applications and inquiries shall be directed to summerprogramfudan@yahoo.com.Please send your application before May 31, 2013. 

Each application shall include (1) an application form (click here to download), (2) an updated curricula vitae, and (3) a reference letter (to be sent by email by the referee directly).

Program expenses:US$1,000, which includes tuition fees, housing expenses, and administration costs in China. Students are expected to cover their own air-tickets and ground transportation during their stays in China.

ScholarshipFull (at the value of US$1,000) and half (US$500) scholarships are available to help students cover the tuition and accommodation fees wholly or partly. Consideration will be given to both academic excellence and financial need.

Enrolment Limit35


Program Schedule: (download here)updated on August 7th