1. Seminar 1 (Jinhua Chen 陳金華, University of British Columbia 加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學): Buddhism & Technological Innovations: New Perspectives 佛教與科技創新: 新的視野

1.1 “‘Media is the Message’ in the East Asian Context: The Means of Knowledge Transmission and the Expansion of Buddhism” “媒質即信息”在東亞的新意: 知識傳播工具的演變與佛教的拓展

1.2 “Repetitions and Creation: Religious Rituals and Technical Innovations, with a Focus on the Invention, Spread, and Refinement of Xylography and Paper in East Asia” 重複與創新: 宗教儀式與科技創新 (聚焦雕版印刷術與紙張在東亞的發明、傳播、與改良

1.3 “Elixir and Powder: A Chemical ‘Explosion’ Triggered by an Encounter between Indian and Chinese Medical Sciences” 丹藥與彈藥: 竺醫與漢藥偶遇而引起的一場化學爆炸

1.4 “From Dunhuang to Chang’an: The Birth & Growth of a Monk-scientist in Tang China” 從敦煌到長安:一位唐代僧人科學家的出生與成長

2. Seminar 2 (Imre Galambos 高奕睿, University of Cambridge 英國劍橋大學): On the Fringes of Buddhist Culture: A View from the Medieval Manuscript Tradition 佛教文化拾穗: 中古寫本傳統聚焦

2.1. “Education in Buddhist monasteries in 9-10th century Dunhuang”  九-十世紀敦煌佛教寺院教育

2.2. “Jataka tales and Stories of Filial Sons” 佛本生傳說與孝子的故事

2.3. “Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism: The Many faces of Religion in the Tangut State”  佛教、道教、與儒教: 西夏宗教的多面性

2.4. “Between Manuscript and Print: The Physical Manifestation of Medieval Buddhist Manuscripts” 寫本與刊本之間: 中古佛教寫本的物理性表現

3. Seminar 3 (Vincent Goossaert  高萬桑, École pratique des hautes études 法國高等研究院): Elite Religiosity in Late Imperial China  晚期帝制中國的菁英宗教

3.1. “Religious Culture among Late Imperial Elites”  清代菁英中的宗教文化

3.2. “Spirit-writing and Elite Eschatology” 扶鸞與菁英中的救劫論

3.3. “Spiritual Techniques among Late Imperial Elites”  清代菁英中的靈性技巧

3.4. “Plural Soteriologies and Self-divinization” 多元的解脫論與自我成神

4. Lecture Series

4.1. Lecture演講  1 Professor Wei-jen Teng 鄧偉仁  教授 (DILA 法鼓文理學院): “Sanskritology in the Medieval Chinese Buddhist Literature” 漢語佛教文獻的梵語學

4.2. Lecture演講  2 Professor Ching KENG 耿晴   教授 (Cheng-chi University 臺灣政治大學) : “The Revolution and Legacy of the Awakening of Faith”《大乘起信論》的革命性及其遺產

4.3. Lecture演講  3 Professor Chao-heng LIAO 廖肇亨  教授 (Academia Sinica 中央研究院 ): “Japanese Monks in China: from Kukai to Ogurusu Kouchou” 日本僧人在中國:從空海到小栗棲香頂

4.4. Lecture演講  4  Professor Joey HUNG 洪振洲   教授 (DILA 法鼓文理學院): “Digital tools and E-resources in the Studies of Chinese Translation of Buddhist Texts” 研究漢譯佛典之利器:數位工具與電子資源

4.5. Lecture演講  5  Professor Shu-fen LIU 劉淑芬  教授 (Academia Sinica 中央研究院 )“Mortuary Pillars & Mantra Stone: The Dhāraṇī Recited by the Monastics and Laity on the Inscriptions of 9th Century China” 經幢與咒石: 九世紀碑刻所見僧俗持念的陀羅尼

4.6. Lecture演講  6 Professor Yinggang SUN  孫英剛  教授(Zhejiang University 浙江大學 ): “The Legacy of The King Kaniṣka: The Kushan Empire in the Ancient Chinese Historical Memory” 迦膩色迦的遺產:貴霜佛教在中古中國的歷史記憶