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1. Seminar 1 Jinhua Chen 陳金華 (University of British Columbia): Knotless Net: Identity and Network in East Asian Buddhism

1.1 Buddhism and Empire-building in Medieval Central and East Asia佛教與中古時期中亞及東亞的帝國營建

1.2 Buddhism’s Role in Identity-construction and Network-building in Medieval East Asia佛教在中古東亞身份建構與網絡營建中的作用

1.3 Dharma Tied by Blood : Lineage Factors in Medieval Chinese Buddhism法凝於血: 中古中國佛教中血緣的因素

2. Seminar 2  James Robson (Harvard University): Buddhist Meditation: From Ideals to Realities

2.1. Buddhist Meditation Traditions 佛教禪定傳統

2.2. Meditation Exaltation vs Mental Maladies 禪定提昇與心理疾病

2.3. Buddhist Meditation & Modernity 禪定與現代性

3. Seminar 3  Barend ter Haar (University of Oxford): Writing, Reciting and Buddhism

3.1. Buddhism & Oral Culture in Medieval China佛教與中古中國口傳文化

3.2. Sound in Religious Culture: With a Special Focus on Buddhism 宗教文化中的聲音:  偏重於佛教的研究

3.3. Sermons and stories about sermons佈道與佈道故事

4. Lecture Series

4.1. Liao Chao-heng 廖肇亨 (中研院): 禪宗的淨土詩

4.2. Lin Pei-ying 林佩瑩 (輔仁大學):  圓仁《法華懺法》與唐代東亞佛教

4.3. Hsieh Shu-Wei 謝世維教授 (政治大學): Buddhism & Daoist Exorcism佛教密法與道教驅魔

4.4. Gong Jun 龔雋 (中山大學): 胡適與近代知識型態、禪史書寫

4.5. Hung Jen-jou 洪振洲 、Tsai Po-lang 蔡伯郎 、Mei Ching-hsuan 梅靜軒 (DILA): 佛學數位新資源與研究上的運用