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Notification Before Departure

Dear participants,

We welcome you to this year’s Conference and Intensive Program on Buddhism & East Asian Cultures. Below are a few friendly reminders:

1. Registration location: Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts Chanyue Dormitory (Address: No. 700, Fagu Rd., Xihu Village, Jinshan Dist.; coordinate: 25.244090, 121.613871)

2. Required documentation: Passport.

3. Items to bring: warm jacket (current temperature between 12C and 15C with rainy and humid weather), umbrella, slippers, mobile phone charger, laptop chargers, thermos cup, toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, towel), personal hygiene products.

4. Transportation:

For participants taking one of our shuttles, please consult the Airport Pickup List and the Participant List and follow the guidelines below.

Important: If you do not plan to take one of the DILA shuttles to DILA campus, please send an email or WeChat message to Ms Youru within 3 days of receiving this notification (WeChat ID: 886917351163, Email:, Mobile: 886-917351163). Information regarding the different means of transportation are given in the attachments.

Participants coming to DILA by their own means should also contact the receptionist Mr. Jigme upon arrival at DILA (Mobile 0936701246, WeChat ID: jigme1975) so that he may come to pick you up upon arrival on the campus.

A. For participants taking the shuttle from the Songshan airport on the 12th (Shuttle No. 12-4), the 13th (Shuttle No. 13-5), or from the Taoyuan airport on the 11th (Shuttle No. 11-1) or the 12th (Shuttle No. 12-5), please contact the driver in charge of the airport pickup after having gathered together with the other participants (calls can be made for free at the airport service desk). The mobile phone number of the driver will be sent to you in the coming days.

B. For participants taking the shuttle on the 12th or 13th afternoon, if you have missed the shuttle’s time of departure due to flight delays, please contact the Taoyuan’s shuttle receiver Ms. Li Meikwan (WeChat ID: mklee588, Mobile: 0930171935)

C. Meeting point at the airport:

1/ As the Songshan aiport has one terminal, participants are free to decide on the meeting point between yourselves.

2/ The meeting point for all participants arriving at the Taoyuan airport is the resting area near the South Meeting Point located at the arrivals hall on the first floor of terminal 2 on the left side when exiting the restricted area. The receivers Ms. Lee Meikwan and William Yu will be waiting for you there with DILA pickup signs.

If your arrival terminal is terminal 1, please take the skytrain to terminal 2. To take the skytrain, turn left when exiting the restricted area and walk all the way until you see a sign for the skytrain platform going to terminal 2. All in all, it will take you about 20 minutes to get to the meeting point (please consult the map provided in the attachments for details).

5. Other:

  • Phone number: If necessary, it is possible to apply for a Taiwanese phone number at the airport using one’s passport.
  • Currency exchange: New Taiwan Dollars may be exchanged at the airport (recommend), or can be withdrawn in any bank or at ATMs in many locations; such as convenient stores.
  • The Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education is a smoke-free zone. Visitors are also asked to not bring or consume any non-vegetarian food on campus.
  • Free Wi-Fi access is offered on campus (no password).
  • Plastic cups, pens will be provided to participants. Please take these items with you upon departure.

6. Contact:

6.1 Taoyuan’s shuttle receiver:

Lee Meikwan李美寬 Mobile: 886-930171935、WeChat: mklee588

William Yu威廉WeChat : willmm88

6.2 Receptionists:

Mr. Jigme 蕭智隆 Mobile:886-936701246、WeChat: jigme1975 email:

Ms. Youru Lu呂幼如 Mobile & WeChat: 886-917351163

Mr. Bai Zhaojie 白照傑 Mobile: 13788986040; WeChat: 13788986040 email:;

Mr. Zhang Shubin 張書彬 Mobile: 13486115026; WeChat: 13486115026 email:;

Ms. DENG Limin 鄧麗敏: Mobile: 15622723861; WeChat: 15622723861 email:;

7. Transportation: 

Airport to Dharma Drum Mountain Transportation Guidance

1  From Taoyuan International Airport to DDM

1.1  Taxi to Dharma Drum Institute Chanyue Dormitory

taxi fare: NT$ 2,000; travel time: 1.5 hours

1.2 Take Bus: Airport – Taipei Train Station – DDM

1.2.1      Take Airport to Taipei Train Station, arrive at the last stop (North 1 exit)

1.2.2      From the same stop take Guo-Kuang Bus 1815 to DDM (bus fare: NT$ 135, * need exact change) , travel time: an hour 40 mins(See the bus schedule below). Please let Mr. Jigme know the time of getting on the bus or DDM arrival time.

1.2.3      Arrive at DDM terminal, there will be shuttle taking you to the Chanyue Dormitory.

2 From Taipei Songshan Airport to DDM

2.1  Taxi to Dharma Drum Institute Chanyue Dormitory

taxi fare: NT$ 1,000; travel time: 1 hours

2.2  MRT & Bus: Airport – Taipei Train Station – DDM

2.2.1   Take Airport MRT to Taipei Train Station

2.2.2  Go to Taipei Station’s North 1 exit and take Guo-Kuang Bus 1815 to DDM (bus fare: NT$ 135, * need exact change) , travel time: an hour 40 mins

(See the bus schedule below)

2.2.3  Arrive at DDM terminal, there will be shuttle taking you to the Chanyue Dormitory. Please let Mr. Jigme know the time of getting on the bus or DDM arrival time.


Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 at the Taoyuan airport using Skytrain (approximately 20 minutes)

Step 1: Send a message through WeChat after landing to the receivers:

Ms. Lee MeiKwan or William Yu

Step 2: After exiting travelers’ Restricted Area to Arrival Hall, please turn left (above sign ‘S – South Meeting Area’) and walk to the end. The sign will point you to ‘Skytrain to Terminal 2’ (we’ll be waiting in T2 for you)

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Step 3: After arriving to Terminal 2. Please go down to 1st floor. To the piles of chairs in front of the Restricted Area (right side, facing the RA doors). After 12th & 13th, we will assign receivers: Ms. MeiKwan & Mr. William with DILA pickup signs, there to assist you in your final destination to DILA campus.

  • 國光號巴士時刻表Guo-kuang Bus Schedule (No.1815)

車程Journey Time: about an hour and 40 minutes

票價Fare: NT$135.

*** 台北車站北一門出口Taipei Train Station, North 1 Exit***

發 車 時 間Departure Time
Taipei West Bus Station,

Terminal A → DDM

DDM → Taipei West Bus Station, Terminal A
06:15 (Saturday & Sunday only) 07:50 (Saturday & Sunday only)
06:20 (Monday ─ Friday) 08:00 (Monday ─ Friday)
06:45 (Saturday & Sunday only) 08:50 (Saturday & Sunday only)
07:10 (Monday ─ Friday) 09:00 (Monday ─ Friday)
07:30 (Saturday & Sunday only) 09:20 (Saturday & Sunday only)
07:50 (Saturday & Sunday only) 09:50 (Saturday & Sunday only)
08:10 (Saturday & Sunday only) 10:10 (Monday ─ Friday)
08:20 (Monday ─ Friday) 10:20 (Saturday & Sunday only)
08:30 (Saturday & Sunday only) 10:50 (Saturday & Sunday only)
08:50 (Saturday & Sunday only) 11:00 (Monday ─ Friday)
09:15 (Monday ─ Friday) 11:20 (Saturday & Sunday only)
09:20 (Saturday & Sunday only) 11:50 (Saturday & Sunday only)
09:45 Saturday & Sunday only) 12:00 (Monday ─ Friday)
10:15 (Monday ─ Friday) 12:20 (Saturday & Sunday only)
10:45 (Saturday & Sunday only) 12:50 (Saturday & Sunday only)
11:15 Saturday & Sunday only) 13:00 (Monday ─ Friday)
11:20 (Monday ─ Friday) 13:20 (Saturday & Sunday only)
11:45 (Saturday & Sunday only) 13:50 (Monday ─ Sunday)
12:20 (Monday ─ Friday) 14:20 (Saturday & Sunday only)
12:30 (Saturday & Sunday only) 14:50 (Monday ─ Sunday)
13:20 (Monday ─ Friday) 15:20 (Monday ─ Sunday)
13:30 (Saturday & Sunday only) 15:50 (Saturday & Sunday only)
14:20 (Monday ─ Friday) 16:20 (Monday ─ Sunday)
14:30 (Saturday & Sunday only) 16:20 (Monday ─ Sunday)
15:15 (Monday ─ Friday) 16:50 (Saturday & Sunday only)
15:30 (Saturday & Sunday only) 17:20 (Monday ─ Sunday)
16:30 (Monday ─ Sunday) 17:50 (Saturday & Sunday only)
17:15 (Saturday & Sunday only) 18:20 (Monday ─ Sunday)
17:20 (Monday ─ Friday) 19:20 (Monday ─ Sunday)
18:10 (Saturday & Sunday only) 20:20 (Monday ─ Sunday)
18:20 (Monday ─ Friday) 21:20 (Saturday & Sunday only)
19:10 (Saturday & Sunday only)
19:18 (Monday ─ Friday)
20:15 (Monday ─ Sunday)
21:18 (Saturday & Sunday only)
21:20 (Monday ─ Friday)


  • More Transport Information

Taipei Bus and Transportation Information System


Taiwan Railways Administration


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


Taipei Songshan Airport


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