Announcement: Jinhua Chen Inducted into Royal Society of Canada

Announcement: Jinhua Chen Inducted into Royal Society of Canada


Jinhua Chen Inducted into Royal Society of Canada (RSC)


A heartfelt congratulation to Dr. Jinhua Chen, Director of the FROGBEAR Project, who was inducted into the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) on November 27, 2020 as a Fellow in Academy of Arts and Humanities!

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) is the senior national organization for promoting research and learning in the arts, the humanities and the sciences in Canada. Established in 1883, the RSC recognize individuals with remarkable scholarly contributions and impact on Canadian public life. Recognition by the RSC is the highest honour an individual can achieve in Canada. The elected member is inducted into one of the Society’s three Academies – the Academy of Arts and Humanities; the Academy of Social Sciences; and the Academy of Science.

Dr. Chen is one of eighteen members in the Division of Humanities in 2020’s impressive cohort of eight-seven new Fellows. Read the RSC press release for more information.


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