An International and Intensive Program on Buddhism and East Asian Religions at Mount Wutai

An International and Intensive Program on Buddhism and East Asian Religions at Mount Wutai

An International and Intensive Program on Buddhism and East Asian Religions at Mount Wutai

(June 3-10, 2019; Wutai, Shanxi, China)

The Wutai International Institute of Buddhism, with assistance from East Asian Cultures and the Buddhist Studies Forum and the FROGBEAR project ( at the University of British Columbia (UBC-BSF) in Vancouver, Canadaare pleased to host an intensive program on Buddhist Studies, June 3-10, 2019.


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The backbone of this program consists of a series of lectures delivered by eight international and domestic scholars. Each lecture combines close reading of primary sources (non-Chinese primary sources may be accompanied by English translations), exposition of the implications of these sources, and guided presentations from participating students on their research, which could be their term papers, or thesis chapters. The eight lecturers are, alphabetically:

  • CHEN Jinhua 陳金華 (University of British Columbia 加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學): Buddhist Epigraphy 佛教金石學;
  • HAO Chunwen 郝春文 (Capital Normal University 首都師範大學): (a). 從衝突到融合—中古時期社邑與佛教的關係;(b). 敦煌寫本齋文的分類、定名及其文本結構.
  • LIU Cuilan 劉翠蘭 (University of Toronto 加拿大多倫多大學): Withered Orchid and Dead Ox: Legal Negotiation in Buddhism 凋零的蘭花和死牛: 佛教中的法律問題;
  • Antonello PALUMBO 白安敦 (SOAS, University of London  英國倫敦大學): The Creation of the Buddhist Hell in China: A Review of the Earliest Translations and Other Literary Source 中國佛教地獄觀發微:有關的最早佛經翻譯及其他文獻資料;
  • SHENG Kai 聖凱 (Tsinghua University 清華大學): Dilemma and Future: Buddhism and Education in Contemporary China 當代中國佛教教育的困境與未來;
  • Stefania TRAVAGNIN 史芬妮 (University of Groningen 荷蘭格羅寧根大學): Mapping Sangha Education in Late Qing-Republican China: Paradigm Shifts, Key Concepts, and Research Methods 晚清-民國中國時期的僧伽教育之映射: 典範轉換、核心概念與研究方法;
  • SUN Yinggang 孫英剛 (University of Zhejiang 浙江大學): 佛授記寺與武周政權;
  • YANG Baoyu 楊寶玉 (Research Institute of History, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 中國社會科學院歷史所): 晚唐敦煌寺學教育瑣言.

In addition to participating in these lectures, student participants will also be encouraged to participate in a conference on Buddhism and Education (details  available at here) and to present their research papers to their program instructors, lecturers, and their peer participants. Outstanding students will be selected and invited to carry out short-term (6-12 months long) research at UBC and UBC’s partner universities in East Asia, Europe and North America that are linked together through a large SSHRC-sponsored international and interdisciplinary project on Buddhism and East Asian Religions ( This may further bring them the opportunity of pursuing doctoral degrees or doing postdoctoral research at these top universities.

Senior undergraduate students and graduate students specializing in any Buddhist East Asian religious tradition(s) and , and postdoctoral fellows working on relevant fields, are encouraged to apply. Please direct applications and inquiries to Please submit applications before April 30, 2019. Each application should include (1) an application form (to be provided upon request via the above email address), (2) updated curriculum vitae, (3) one writing sample, and (4) a reference letter (to be emailed by the referee directly to the above email address).

To guarantee sufficient interaction of student participants with instructors and between student participants themselves, student enrollment is limited to 30. In addition to being exempted from all tuition and administration fees, a successful candidate may receive free meals and accommodation during the program period although it is his or her responsibility to arrange his or her trip to Wutai, and there is an administration fee of RMB ¥2,000 (≈US$300) each.