Eminent Monks (150-1500CE)

Eminent Monks (150-1500CE)

Cluster Leader: Marcus Bingenheimer, Temple University

The cluster “Religion and Technology” investigates how changes in communication technology have impacted East Asian religion and its study. The cluster is not only concerned with historical transitions from written to printed, or from printed to digital information, but also asks how current developments in information technology influence the practice and the study of East Asian religion.

The fieldwork and training aspect of this cluster aims to show how recent advances in information technology can be gainfully applied to the study of Asian religions. Participants will explore techniques such as GIS, social network analysis, text mining, and others, in order to gain new perspectives and acquire new skills.

The report from the 2018 field visit can be found here.

2018 field visit team

Affiliated Researchers Associated Researchers
Susan  Andrews, Mount Allison University Christoph Anderl, University of Ghent
Timothy Brook, University of British Columbia James Benn, McMaster University
Jessica Main, University of British Columbia Michael Friedrich, University of Hamburg
Robert  Sharf, University of California Berkley Amanda Goodman, University of Toronto
Masahiro Shimoda, University of Tokyo Vincent Goossaert, École pratique des hautes études
Christina Laffin, University of British Columbia
Eugene Wang, Harvard University
Jiang Wu, University of Arizona
Cluster 1.2

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