Eminent Monks (150-1500CE)

Eminent Monks (150-1500CE)

Cluster Leader: Marcus Bingenheimer, Temple University

The cluster “Religion and Technology” investigated how emerging technologies in the digital humanities can contribute to the study of religion in East Asia. In a series of workshops Simon Wiles (Stanford CIDR), Oliver Streiter (National University of Kaohsiung), and Marcus Bingenheimer (Temple University) taught the foundations of GIS-based surveys and map creation (2017), historical social network analysis (2018), and GIS and aerial photography with drones (2019). Workshops included theory and classroom training in the use of software tools as well as intensive fieldwork.

The fieldwork and training aspect of this cluster aimed to show how recent advances in information technology can be gainfully applied to the study of Asian religions. The first workshop (2017) resulted in a comprehensive dataset of c.150 religious sites of two districts in Taiwan (Jinshan and Shimen). The second workshop (2018) resulted in visualizations and improved data for social networks in Chinese and Singaporean religious history. In the third workshop (2019) participants produced drone footage of selected sites from the 2017 survey.

This Frogbear cluster was generously supported by the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, the National University of Singapore, the Chung-hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, and Fu Jen University.

Cluster webpage for 2017: http://spaceandcyberspace2017.mbingenheimer.net/

Cluster webpage for 2018: http://sna2018.mbingenheimer.net/

Cluster webpage for 2019: http://mbingenheimer.net/workshops/gis/

View digital data collection from 2017 here.

The report from the 2018 field visit can be found here.

View digital data collection from 2019 here.

An article from the DILA newsletter on the 2019 field visit can be found here.

2018 field visit team



Affiliated Researchers Associated Researchers
Anderl, Christoph (Ghent University) – 2017 Chang, Hsiukai (Donghai University) – 2018
Baycroft, Anne (University of Saskatchewan) – 2019 Chang, Pi-chun (National Taiwan Normal University) – 2017
Buckelew, Kevin (Columbia University) – 2017 Chen, Ling (Leipzig University) – 2018
Bingenheimer, Marcus (Temple University) – 2017, 2018, 2019 Chen, Song (Bucknell University) – 2018
Brandstadt, Max (University of California Berkeley) – 2018 Chia, Jack Meng-Tat (National University of Singapore) – 2018
Burdorf, Suzanne (Ghent University) – 2017 Chong, Eng Keat William (National University of Singapore) – 2017
Chang, Poyung (Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts) – 2018 Chong, Eng-Keat William (Independent) – 2018
Chen, Ruifeng (McMaster University) – 2018 Han, Seokyong (Independent) – 2018
Gilon, Matan (Tel Aviv University) – 2019 Hu, Jing (Leiden University) – 2018
Heller, Natasha (University of Virginia) – 2018 Li, Xinlu (Dongnan (Southeast) University) – 2017
Hung, Jen-jou (Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts) – 2017 Lin, Peiying (Fu-jen University) – 2017
Kuklinski, Thomas (Temple University) – 2018, 2019 Park, Boram (Chungbuk University) – 2019
Lai, Rongdao (University of Southern California) – 2018 Qu, Yadi (SOAS) – 2019
Li, Xinglong (Capital Normal University) – 2019 Scarin, Jacopo (Ca’Foscari University, Venice) – 2018, 2019
Liu, Jenny Chao-hui (Princeton University) – 2019 Seymour, Kelsey (University of Pennsylvania) – 2017
Rusk, Bruce (University of British Columbia) – 2018 Shen, Lien Fan (University of Utah) – 2017
Saulnier-Eagles, Emily Lynn (Mount Allison University) – 2019 Stanley-Baker, Michael (Nanyang Technological University) – 2018
Shmushko, Kai (Tel Aviv University) – 2019 Streiter, Oliver (National University of Kaohsiung) – 2017, 2018
Streiter, Oliver (National University of Kaohsiung) – 2019 Tischer, Jacob (Boston University) – 2018
Sun, Xuejing (University of Southern California) – 2019 To, Mandy Manwai (National University of Kaohsiung)- 2019
Travis, Travis (Temple University) – 2017 Zhang, Ming Yeung (FuJen University) – 2019
Wang, Michelle (Georgetown University) – 2019
Wiles, Simon (Stanford University) – 2017, 2018, 2019
Wu, Jinhui (University of Arizona) – 2017
Yan, Weiguang (Capital Normal University) – 2017
Zhan, Ya-Qing (National Taiwan University) – 2019
Zhao, Jinchao (University of Virginia) – 2018
Zu, Jessica Xiaomin (Princeton University) – 2018

Additional workshop participants from the National University of Singapore in 2018:

Chua, Hui Chuan Deng, Shengtao
Dong, Chang Feng, Yikang
Gao, Bin Huang, Zichang
Li, Cuiqin Lin, Ruo
Liu, Jianyi Lu, Shuang
Shen, Yeying Su, Jui-lung
Sun, Yuanxin Tham, Shiao Wei
Wang, Dean Wang, Sisi
Wang, Xin Wang, Yuxiao
Wu, Qi Xuan, Yan
Xue, Yiran Yang, Yan
Yang, Zhizhong Yap, Sze Sze
Ye, Haoling Yu, Kang
Cluster 1.2

tải bản đồ - xin vui lòng chờ...

Dharma Drum Mountain 法鼓山: 25.239013, 121.627821
Wan Boo Sow Research Centre for Chinese Culture: 1.294906, 103.777046
New Taipei City 新北市: 25.012000, 121.466000
Miaofa Temple 妙法寺: 25.249947, 121.548574
Sheng Ming Palace 聖明宮: 25.274167, 121.553611
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Dharma Drum Mountain 法鼓山
Cluster 1.2 description

Cluster 1.2 2019 - Dharma Drum Mountain 法鼓山 (New Taipei City) data collection

Dharma Drum Mountain 法鼓山, Jinshan, Taiwan
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Wan Boo Sow Research Centre for Chinese Culture
Cluster 1.2 description
Singapore Central Singapore, Singapore
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New Taipei City 新北市
Cluster 1.2 description

Cluster 1.2 2017 - New Taipei City 新北市 data collection

New Taipei 新北市, Taiwan
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Miaofa Temple 妙法寺
Cluster 1.2 description

Cluster 1.2 2019 - Miaofa Temple 妙法寺 (New Taipei City) data collection

Miaofa Temple 妙法寺, New Taipei 新北市, Taiwan
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Sheng Ming Palace 聖明宮
Cluster 1.2 description

Cluster 1.2 2019 - Sheng Ming Palace 聖明宮 (New Taipei City) data collection

Sheng Ming Palace 聖明宮, New Taipei, Taiwan