Institution: McGill University
Department: Department of East Asian Studies


Boscals de Réals, Gaëlle

Boscals de Réals, Gaëlle

Gaëlle Boscals de Réals is a Master’s student at McGill university. After a bachelor in Anthropology and East Asian Studies, she decided to pursue her interest in Chinese Religion by looking more closely at Taiwanese spiritualities, especially in urban settings. More precisely, her research interest focuses on how institutional changes in the past forty years affected everyday practice in larger cities. Gaëlle Boscals de Réals was a visiting student at the Graduate Institute of Religious Studies at the National Chengchi University, Taipei in 2022. Under the mentorship of the host supervisor, Professor Yu-Chen Li, Boscals de Réals was be able to do the necessary on-ground research in major cities such as Taipei and Tainan, and come up with both empirical data and a suitable problematic for their MA thesis.