Institution: East China Normal University
Department: Department of Philosophy


Gu, Long

Gu, Long

I have developed a strong interest in Buddhism and Buddhist studies since my undergraduate years. During my bachelor’s program, I engaged with various Buddhist scriptures and treatises, which provided me with a foundational understanding of Buddhism. As I progressed to my graduate studies, my interest in the field of Buddhist studies became increasingly defined through in-depth readings of Buddhist literature.

In my doctoral research, I have delved into the forms and functions of Prajna (wisdom) and Nagarjuna’s teachings within the Tiantai school’s framework. I have examined how the works of Zhiyi encompass, interpret, and expand upon the concepts of Prajna and Nagarjuna’s teachings.

My approach involves an in-depth study of the fundamental texts of the Tiantai school, along with an exploration of the perspectives of modern scholars on this matter. I am keen on staying updated with new developments and trends in Tiantai studies both within and outside my country. Employing methodologies such as textual analysis, hermeneutics, phenomenology, religious psychology, and comparative religious studies, I aim to intricately dissect Zhiyi’s Prajna philosophy. Through this, I aspire to attain fresh insights and make significant breakthroughs in the realm of this particular inquiry.