Institution: Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Department: Dept. Religious Studies


Paletskiy, Denis

Paletskiy, Denis

In 2015, Denis Paletskiy joined the CASS Doctoral Program to be trained as an historian of religions with a focus on Han Chinese Buddhism. He has held research and teaching appointments at research and educational institutions including Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, School of Foreign Languages of Shaanxi Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University. His main interests are related to the problems of historical processes of reception of Buddhism in China, and he uses linguistic perspectives and hermeneutic methodology to address them. In his PhD dissertation, for example, this approach is used to examine the heritage of Ouyi Zhixu (1599-1655), one of the “four eminent monks” of the late-Ming period. Denis also published translations (into Chinese, Russian, and English) of works related to various aspects of traditional Chinese culture (I-Ching, Tai-Chi, etc.)

Expected time of graduation/completion: 2018