Wang, Lina

Wang, Lina

Lina Wang is currently an Associate Professor of National Library of China 國家圖書館. She obtained a PhD degree of Literature from NanKai University 南開大學 in 2012 and a Post-doctoral degree of Philosophy and Religious Studies from Peking University in 2015. She serves as an Editorial Board Member of Hualin boshi wenku 華林博士文庫 (Hualin Doctoral Dissertation Series) and is Associate Editor-in-chief of Fojiaoshi yanjiu 佛教史研究 (Historical Studies of Buddhism). Her research focuses on Buddhism and Buddhist Literature, and Buddha’s Biographies Literature. Specifically, she is in charge of the “Research on the Da Jianfusi Temple” (唐代長安大薦福寺研究) , part of theresearch on the Chang’an Buddhism and the Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty唐代長安佛教與絲綢之路(15AZJ003). She is also focused on “Research on the relationship between Japanese Buddhism and the Chinese Patriarchal Temples”日本佛教與我國佛教祖庭的歷史與當代交流,  part of the Study on the Patriarchal Temples in Chinese Buddhism (漢傳佛教祖庭問題研究),

Her major publications:

  1. Study on the Gāthās in the Chinese Buddhist Scriptures (漢譯佛典偈頌研究 Beijing: The Commercial Press 商務印書館, 2016. It mainly discusses the meaning and style of the gāthās (verses) in Chinese Buddhist Scriptures, by focusing on the Dhammapada and the Buddhacarita, showing their influences on the famous Tang-dynasty poets like Bai Juyi 白居易.
  2. “Tangdai Chang’an siyuan cangshu tanze” 唐代長安寺院藏書探賾 (Research of the Book Collection in Buddhist Temples of Tang Chang’an). Foxue yanjiu 佛學研究 (Buddhist Studies) 1 (2017): 161-168.
  3. “Jisong hanyi kaobian” 偈頌涵義考辨 (Research of the Meaning of the Gāthā). Dongbei shida xuebao 東北師大學報 (Journal of Northeast Normal University) 2 (2015): 117-123.
  4. “Fozhuan wenxue kaolun” 佛傳文學考論 (Research of Buddha’s Biographical Literature). Anhui shifan daxue xuebao (Renwen sheke ban) 安徽師範大學學報(人文社科版) (Journal of Anhui Normal University [Hum.& Soc.Sci.]) 5 (2016): 544-550.