Institution: Zhejiang University
Department: School of Humanities

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Wang, Yong

Wang, Yong

Wang Yong has served successively as the director of the Institute of Japanese Cultures Studies of Hangzhou University, professor of the Department of Chinese language and literature of Beijing University, the dean of the Institute of East Asia Studies of Zhejiang Gongshang University, visiting professor of Waseda University(JP) and Columbia University(US), and hold concurrent posts as vice president of Chinese Society for Historians of China’s foreign relations(CSHCFR), vice president of China-Japan History Association, vice president of China-Japan Association.

Wang Yong’s research interests include History of Culture Circulation of East Asia, Chinese Classics of Overseas, “Book Road”, Japanese History and Cultures, Diplomatic History of Sui and Tang Dynasties. He has published 46 academic books so far, among which the History of Sino-Japanese books Exchanges (中日汉籍交流史论) was awarded the second prize of Excellent Achievement of Humanities and Social Science, Series of History of Sino-Japanese Cultural Exchanges(中日文化交流史丛书) awarded the first prize of Asia Pacific Publisher Association (APPA), Japanese Culture – The Trajectory of Imitation and Innovation (日本文化——模仿与创新的轨迹) awarded the first Prize of Philosophy and Social Science Achievement award of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education. Besides, Wang Yong had published about 200 papers in Chines Journal of Wenxian (文献) and Literary Heritage (文学遗产), Japanese Journal of Bungaku (文学) and Kyuko (汲古), etc. More than 10 papers had been reprinted by Xinhua Digest, Periodical Literatures Reprinted by China People’s University, University Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition.

Wang Yong was the recipient of The Japan Foundation Awards 2015 for his great work “Book Road”, he was the third Chinese lifted the title following Xia Yan (夏衍) and Sun Pinghua(孙平化). Currently, he is the leading expert of the research project of East Asian Bitan (笔谈) Literature and Studies which was designed to be a Major projects of national social science fund of China.