Institution: Capital Normal University
Department: School of History

Zhai, Xinglong

Zhai, Xinglong

Xinglong Zhai is a student at Capital Normal University, School of History. His Ph.D. dissertation explores the existence and textual records of Chinese Buddhist Apocrypha. His research proposes to investigate Chinese Buddhist apocryphal texts and to carefully observe their recorded variations in different historical catalogues and records, as well as the patterns of writing and methods of content fusion existent in such texts. (Supervised by Liu Yi 劉屹). Previous studies include:

  • September 2013-July 2016: China West Normal University, School of History. MA (Chinese History) in July 2016 with an MA thesis on a Chinese Buddhist Apocrypha text which was found in Dunhuang. (Supervised by Wang Xuemei 王雪梅).
  • September 2007-July 2011: North Minzu University, School of Literature & History. BA (Chinese Language & Literature) in July 2011.

Expected graduation: July 2021