Institution: Zhejiang University
Department: Center for Buddhist Art


Zhang, Shubin

Zhang, Shubin

Shubin Zhang is a post-doctoral fellow in the Center for Buddhist Art in China at Zhejiang University, with a dissertation titled “Dharma and Orthodoxy: The Formation of a Buddhist Sanctuary in Mt. Wutai and Its Visual Imagery in the East Asian Faith System” (正法與正統——五臺山佛教聖地的建構及在東亞的視覺呈現), under the supervision of Prof. Zaixin Hong. He received his doctoral degree from China Academy of Art (2017). He is engaged in research projects related to Visual Culture and Art Communication Studies, Buddhist art study, especially the relationship between religion and civilizational process, Buddhism and politics, the formation of a Buddhist sanctuary at Mt. Wutai and its visual imagery in the East Asian faith system.