The Dharma-Ending Age – Schedule

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Detailed Schedule 研討會流程(以北京-臺北時間為準)

(一)研討會首日 (108, 週六)


共催迎迓 (上午 9:15 – 上午 9:30): Jinhua Chen 陳金華 and Rey Sheng Her 何日生

Keynote 主題演講 1 (上午 9:30 – 上午 10:15): T. H. Barrett (SOAS): A Sense of an Ending: Chinese Buddhist Eschatology Reconsidered

Keynote 主題演講 2  (上午 10:30 – 上午 11:15): James Benn (McMaster): Buddhist Self-immolation and Climate Change [Glorisun Distinguished Lecture]


(二)研討會次日 (109, 週日)


Panel 部會 1 (上午 7:30 – 上午 9:10): Environmental Sustainability (Chair: SHENG Kai 聖凱; Discussant: Sharon Wesoky)

1.1 Rey Sheng Her (Tzu Chi U): Cherishes Material Life to Reach the Economy of Goodness
1.2 Teresa Zimmerman-Liu (California State University): Applying the Buddhist “Toolkit” to Promote Sustainable Lifestyles: The Case of Taiwan’s Humanistic Buddhists
1.3 Ling Han (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Chengpang Lee (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University): Gender, Animal Welfare, and Environmentalism in Taiwanese Buddhism
1.4  Jeff Wilson (Waterloo): Environmental Activities in North American and Hawaiian Jodo Shinshu Temples

Special Book Talk 新書發佈會 (上午 10:10 – 上午 11:30) by Sonja Arntzen (U Toronto): Ikkyū and the Crazy Cloud Anthology: Then and Now (Chair: Chris Goto-Jones)

Panel 部會 2 (晚上 9:00- 晚上 11:00): “Crisis Management”: Mind, Prayers, Arts and Rituals (Chair: Dagmar Schwerk; Discussant: Daniel Capper)

2.1. Brian Nichols (Mount Royal): Buddhist Uncertainty as Antidote to Colonialist Certainty and “Crisis Epistemology”
2.2. Rolf Scheuermann (University of Heidelberg): Countering Climate Change with Prayers? Buddhist EcoActivism between Tibetan sMon lam Practice and Extinction Rebellion
2.3. Daryl Jamieson (Kyushu): Is nowhere free of Bad Tidings?: Artistic Response to the Climate Crisis through Japanese Mappō Thought
2.4. Livia Monnet (U Montréal): “The World as a Koan” or the Art of Radical (Ecological) Insight: In-aesthetics, Performance, and Climate Change in the Animation Art of Miwa Matreyek and Lu Yang
2.5. Kalzang Bhutia (University of Southern California): Rituals to Make the Rain Fall on Time and Repair the Concrete Caves: Himalayan Terma Traditions as Repositories for Rehabilitating the Cosmos in Times of Transformation

Panel 部會 3 (晚上 11:10 – 晚上 12:40): Anthropocene, Capitalocene and Posthumanism (Chair: Melissa Curley; Discussant: Kurt Spellmeyer)

3.1. Chia-ju Chang 張嘉如 (Brooklyn College – CUNY): Baizhang’s Wild Fox: Gong’an as Eco-Therapy for the Anthropocene Crisis
3.2. Sharon Wesoky (Allegheny College): “Chasing Zombies”: Buddhism and Political Subjectivity in the Capitalocene
3.3. Geoff Barstow (Oregon State): The Dharma-Ending Age through the Lens of Posthumanism


研討會第三日 (1010, 週一)

Panel 部會 4 (深夜 12:50 – 凌晨 2:20): Eschatology and Apocalypse (Chair: Rolf Scheuermann; Discussant: Brian Nichols)

4.1. Kurt Spellmeyer (Rutgers University): Buddhism after Eschatology
4.2. Barend ter Haar (Hamburg): Black Wind for Seven Days and Nights: A Chinese Apocalyptic Disaster
4.3. Hoai Khai Tran (VinUniversity): Punting through a Shallowed World: Master Buddha’s Watery Eschatology amidst the Rising Tides of Climate Change in the Mekong Delta

Panel 部會 5 (凌晨 2:30 – 凌晨 4:10): Environmental Ethics (Chair: Geoff Barstow; Discussant: T.H. Barrett)

5.1. Guo Wu 伍國 (Allegheny College): How Can Animals as Moral Agents Inspire Humans—Revisiting the Transmission of the Jātaka into China
5.2. Dagmar Schwerk (Leipzig University): “Times of Strife” as Didactics: Buddhist Ethics, Natural Disaster, and the Climate Crisis
5.3. Melissa Curley (Ohio): Paying Attention to Nonlife in Buddhist Philosophy of Nature
5.4. Daniel Capper (University of Southern Missouri): American Buddhist Environmental Ethics and Aggravations of Climate Change from Space Debris

Panel 部會 6 (早上 7:30 – 早上 9:30): Buddhist Eschatology?; Historical Perspectives (Chair: Rey Sheng Her; Discussant: Guo Wu)

6.1. SHENG Kai 聖凱 (TsinghuaU): 正法與末法:唐宋禪宗的末法觀念
6.2. LIU Yi 劉屹 (Capital Normal University): “末法”之後的世界:存續還是毀滅?
6.3. Songjoo Kim 金松柱 (University of Melbourne): Buddhist Literati Dispute Hierarchies of Life: Responding to Environmental Destruction in the Early Anthropocene
6.4. Kentaro Ide (Princeton): Transforming All into the Powerless: Hōnen’s Critical Use of the Buddhist Eschatology in Early Medieval Japan
6.5. Chris Goto-Jones (UVic): Smoke over Mt. Toribe: Ikkyū and the Dharma of not-turning-away from the End

More Discussion (早上 9:30 – 早上 9:40): Rey Sheng Her and Jinhua Chen


Additional talk 另一新書發表會

Please see announcement for “A New Translation and Study of The Zhuangzi (Sayings of Master Zhuang)”, a Special Book Talk by Dr. Richard John Lynn that will take place following the close of the conference –