Cluster Leader:

Toshinori Ochiai (International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies) – 2017, 2018 (with George Keyworth).


This cluster intends to establish digital editions and textual searching system of many texts from the Japanese manuscript collections of Chinese Buddhist texts, especially focusing on monastic biographies and scriptural catalogues. To achieve this aim and assist our cluster members to investigate their targeted Buddhist texts in different versions that we have access to, during the summer of 2017, this cluster plans to organize fieldtrips to visit the following Japanese monasteries in which hand-copied manuscript and printed canons are preserved. The targeted collections include: 1) Manuscript canons preserved in Nanatsu-dera 七寺, Kongōji 金剛寺, and Kōshōji 興聖寺; 2) Woodblock printed canon that was produced in Song dynasty (960-1276) and is currently preserved in Iwayaji 岩屋寺.

Affiliated Researchers Associated Researchers
 Limei Chi, Tsurumi University & Tsurumi Junior College  Marcus Bingenheimer, Temple University
 Paul Copp, University of Chicago  Steffan Doell, University of Hamburg
 Bhikshu Huimin, Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (DILA)  Imre Galambos, University of Cambridge
 Sylvie Hureau, École pratique des hautes études  Amanda Goodman, University of Toronto
 Lori Meeks, University of Southern California  Eric  Greene, Yale University
 Stephen Teiser, Princeton University  Ann Heirman, University of Ghent
 Zhaohua Yang, Columbia University  Jinhua Jia, University of Macau
 George Keyworth, University of Saskatchewan
 Youn-mi Kim, Yale University
 Yi  Liu, Capital Norman University
 Jessica Main, University of British Columbia
 James Robson, Harvard University
 Bruce Rusk, University of British Columbia
 Meir Shahar, Tel-Aviv University
 Robert  Sharf, University of California Berkley
 Yinggang Sun, Zhejiang University
 Zhaohua Yang, Columbia University


Cluster 2.5

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Nanatsu-Dera: 34.705631, 135.659942
Kongōji : 34.554678, 135.729084
Kōshōji: 34.434806, 135.822261
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Nanatsu-Dera, Nagoya, Japan
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Kongōji, Aichi-ken, Japan
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Kōshōji, Nagoya, Japan