How Zen Became Chan – Schedule

Return to the main conference page.   How Zen Became Chan: Pre-modern and Modern Representations of a Transnational East Asian Buddhist Tradition July 29–31, 2022 | ONLINE, in collaboration with Yale University International Conference *tentative schedule, subject to change   General Schedule DAY 1 – July 29 NA / July Continue reading

How Zen Became Chan – T. Griffith Foulk

Return to the main conference page. Return to the conference abstracts page. Work in progress, not for citation. No part of this content can be used, distributed, and reproduced without written consent from the author.   Histories of Chan (Zen)  by T. Griffith Foulk   Introduction The Scope and Aims of this Continue reading

“Graphic Variation, Modification, and Replacement in Medieval Chinese Writing: Case Studies and Resources” Workshop Report

By Laurent Van Cutsem, Ghent University   While an increasing number of texts have been made electronically available to researchers in the past decades, the ability to read and engage with manuscripts, woodblock prints, and epigraphic materials remains an invaluable skill and source of enrichment for scholars of medieval Chinese Continue reading

A Forest of Knowledge – Keynote Presentation

Click here to return to the main conference page.   Keynote Presentation – “Image Processions and Monastic Fund Drives in Early and Medieval India” Watch the Keynote presentation by Dr. Gregory Schopen on YouTube:    

From Tiantai to Hiei – Panelists

Return to the main conference page.   “从天台到比叡:中、日、韩天台的传播、互动与东亚社会”研讨会报名名单   序号 姓名 学校 发表题目 1 王颂 北京大学 天台智者解经思想探源 2 杨浩 北京大学 天台宗的“一乘”思想与天台佛学的逻辑结构——从天台智者对《法华经》“无二亦无三”的误读说起 3 悟灯 北京大学 法华三昧行法的成立与流传 4 李薇 北京大学 天台智顗《菩萨戒义疏》的受戒法研究 5 孙海科 北京大学 天台“九师相承”说所见北朝禅观 6 Suhyoung Sung 成叙永 清华大学 高丽与辽《妙法莲花经变相图》比较研究 7 王勇 浙江大学 东亚语境中的“天台山” 8 张文良 中国人民大学 天台智云的《大乘起信论》观 9 慧正 南京大学 Continue reading

The Dharma-Ending Age – Abstracts

Return to the main conference page. Sonja Arntzen (U Toronto): Ikkyū and the Crazy Cloud Anthology: Then and Now My study and selected translations of the Kyōunshū 狂雲集, an anthology of poems in literary Chinese by medieval Rinzai monk Ikkyū Sōjun 休宗純 (1394-1481) was published in 1986. The revised and Continue reading