Institution: East China Normal University
Department: Department of Philosophy


Ouyang, Zipei

Ouyang, Zipei

I’m Ouyang Zipei, I completed my MA at Southwest University with a dissertation about the Lao-zi philosophy. Now I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in East China Normal University, focusing on the history of Buddhism thought in Medieval China and the Dao-Buddhist Interactions. My main research and also my PhD dissertation is “Beliefs, Practices and Integration of Borderland Knowledge: A Study of Mahāvaipulya- mahāsamnipāta sūtra under the view of Intellectual History”,  which is concentrating on the 60-volume Chinese translation of the Mahāsamnipāta sūtra, I will place this sūtra within the perspective of intellectual history and conduct a study on the Buddhist beliefs, practices and mutual integration of borderland knowledge in medieval China.