2018 Frogbear Cluster visits – now accepting applications

2018 Frogbear Cluster visits – now accepting applications

[Featured image: Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang, Henan, China, shot in Cluster 3.2, Trip 2017]

The FROGBEAR project is pleased to be accepting applications to participate in our 2018 field visit season!

Last year, FROGBEAR project had great success in our 2017 cluster visits. We appreciate everyone involved. This summer, we  have four clusters that external participants can apply to. The research teams will visit Jinci Temple (晋祠) in Shanxi Province, China [Cluster 1.1 From Oral to Digital] , Dongzhen Temple (東鎮廟) in Weifang City (濰坊市), Shandong Province, China [Cluster 2.1 Authenticity and Authority], Ye Cheng(邺城),Xiangtangshan(响堂山), Xiaonanhai(小南海),Henan province, China [Cluster 3.2 Historical Reality through the Reflections between Image and Text: Northern Dynasties Buddhism and Beyond], and several temples and museums in Korea [ Cluster 2.2 “Secondary” Producers, “Primary” Roles].

Please visit our Cluster Field Trip Plans page for further details of each cluster’s visit.

Applications are due March 30, 2018. Please use the application form found here.

If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact frogbear.project@ubc.ca.