Cluster Leader: Kai Sheng, Tsinghua University

This research is primarily concerned with several extant caves from the Northern Dynasties period in Hebei and Henan provinces where sūtras were carved and images with inscriptions remain, including: Xiangtangshan 響堂山, Xiaonanhai 小南海, Xiangquan si 香泉寺, Wahuang gong 媧皇宮, and Bahui si 八會寺 in the area of Yecheng 鄴城. Material evidence from these sites can be connected to many documents in the Dunhuang manuscript cache. We will pay particular attention to the unique relationship between documents, epigraphy, and images with regard to the development and spread of ‘Ten Stages’ (Daśabhūmi or Dilun) teachings within historical, philosophical, devotional, ritual, institutional, social, and political contexts with the goal of creatively reconstructing a fuller understanding of pre-Tang dynasty Buddhism on the ground in China.

We will take field trips to three sites in Henan province: Xiangtangshan, Xiaonanhai, and Shaolin si 少林寺. Afterward, we will hold a conference about the Daśabhūmikasūtra-śāstra (Shidi jinglun 十地經論) during the Northern Dynasties.

This cluster will support and lead field trips to investigate caves, we will hold conferences, and members will provide supervision for publication of our findings.

Affiliated Researchers Associated Researchers
 Christoph Anderl, University of Ghent  Jinhua Chen, University of British Columbia
 Eric  Greene, Yale University  Steffan Doell, University of Hamburg
 Ann Heirman, University of Ghent  Imre Galambos, University of Cambridge
 Jongmyung Kim, The Academy of Korean Studies  Youn-mi Kim, Yale University
 Eugene Wang, Harvard University  James Robson, Harvard University
 Meir Shahar, Tel-Aviv University
 Robert  Sharf, University of California Berkley
 Yinggang Sun, Zhejiang University
 Stephen Teiser, Princeton University
 Yong Wang, Zhejiang GongShang University
Cluster 3.2

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Xiangtangshan: 31.757090, 107.485020
Xiaonanhai: 29.640575, 108.740792
Shaolinsi: 37.809900, 112.575490
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