Transmission of Buddhism in Asia and Beyond: Schedule

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International Conference: “Transmission of Buddhism in Asia and Beyond”

In memory of Antonino Forte’s (1940–2006)
80th Birthday


福安敦先生 (1940–2006) 八十冥誕紀念

July 4–6, 2020 (2020年7月4–6日)


Sponsor 主辦: The Glorisun Global Network for Buddhist Studies | 旭日全球佛學研究網絡
Co-Host 承辦: The FROGBEAR project at the University of British Columbia | 加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學《拔地入雲:佛教與東亞宗教研究計畫》
Princeton University | 普林斯頓大學


General Schedule

Vancouver (PST) New York (EST) UK (BST) Beijing (CST)
Session 1 6:00 am–7:30 am 9:00 am–10:30 am 2:00 pm–3:30 pm 9:00 pm–10:30 pm
Session 2 7:40 am–9:10 am 10:40 am–12:10 pm 3:40 pm–5:10 pm 10:40 pm–12:10 am
Session 3 9:20 am–10:50 am 12:20 pm–1:50 pm 5:20 pm–6:50 pm 12:20 am–1:50 am*


Session 堂次 Saturday 7/4 Sunday 7/5 Monday 7/6
Session 1 Panel 1 Panel 4 Panel 7
Session 2 Panel 2 Panel 5 Panel 8
Session 3 * Panel 3 Panel 6

*Session 3 will be recorded and available for East Asian participants to view later


Detailed Schedule (times in PST)

Day 1 第1日: July 4, 2020

5:50–6:00 Welcoming Remarks from: Stephen TEISER 太史文 (Princeton 普林斯頓大學) & CHEN Jinhua 陳金華 (UBC 加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學)
6:00-7:30 Panel 1: Buddhist Arts 佛教藝術 (Chair 主持: V. MAIR 梅維恆)
1.1 (6:00-6:15) Dorothy WONG王靜芬 (University of Virginia 弗吉尼亞大學): Empress Wu’s Impact Beyond China: Kingship and Female Sovereigns
1.2 (6:15-6:30) Michelle C. WANG 王慧兰 (Georgetown University 喬治敦大學): Flying Statues and Silk Road Wonders
1.3 (6:30-6:45) Eugene WANG 汪悅進 (Harvard University 哈佛大學): Why Decorate Caves with Meditation Scenes?
Comment 評議 (6:45-7:00) Stephen TEISER 太史文
Discussion 討論 (7:00-7:30) Open Floor 開放討論
7:40–9:10 Panel 2: Dunhuang 敦煌 (Chair 主持: D. WONG 王靜芬)
2.1 (7:40-7:55) Neil SCHMID 史翰文 (Dunhuang Academy 敦煌研究院): Ever on Edge: Resolving the Borderland Complex through Liturgical Space at Dunhuang
2.2 (7:55-8:10) SHENG Kai 聖凱 (Tsinghua University 清華大學): 洛陽、鄴城與長安:敦煌遺書地論學派文獻的區域性特徵
2.3 (8:10-8:25) Imre GALAMBOS 高奕睿 (University of Cambridge 劍橋大學): The Ox is a Powerful Bodhisattva: A Scroll from Dunhuang
Comment 評議 (8:25-8:40) Michelle C. WANG 王慧兰
Discussion 討論 (8:40-9:10) Open Floor 開放討論
9:20-10:50 Panel 3: Chan Buddhism 禪 (Chair 主持: H. ROTHSCHILD 羅漢)
3.1 (9:20-9:35) Marta SANVIDO (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice 威尼斯卡奧斯卡大學): The Secret Life of the First Zen Patriarch: Bodhidharma’s Hagiographies and the Formation of the Medieval Zen Lore between China and Japan
3.2 (9:35-9:50) Morten SCHLÜTTER 莫舒特 (University of Iowa 愛荷華大學): On the Evolution of the Platform Sūtra and its Transmission to Korea
3.3 (9:50-10:05) WU Jiang 吳疆 (University of Arizona 亞利桑那大學): A Greater Vehicle to the Other Shore: Chinese Chan Buddhism and the Sino-Japanese Trade in the Seventeenth Century
Comment 評議 (10:05-10:20) XIE Yifeng 謝一峰
Discussion 討論 (10:20-10:50) Open Floor 開放討論


Day 2 第2日: July 5, 2020

6:00-7:30 Panel 4: Buddhism & Politics 佛教與政治 (1) (Chair 主持: J. WANG 王靜)
4.1 (6:00-6:15) XIE Yifeng 謝一峰 (Hunan University 湖南大學/CamLab at Harvard 哈佛中國藝術實驗室): Pagodas of Empress Ling
4.2 (6:15-6:30) LÜ Bo 呂博 (Wuhan University 武漢大學): 轉輪王「化謂四方」與武周時代的天樞、九鼎制造
4.3 (6:30-6:45) Harry ROTHSCHILD 羅漢 (University of Northern Florida 北佛羅里達大學): Durgā, Cuṇḍī, Mārīcī and Accession of Female Emperor Wu Zhao
Comment 評議(6:45-7:00) JI Yun 紀贇
Discussion (7:00-7:30) Open Floor 開放討論
7:40–9:10 Panel 5: Buddhism & Politics 佛教與政治 (2) (Chair 主持: R. SHEN 沈睿文)
5.1 (7:40-7:55) JI Yun 紀贇 (Buddhist College of Singapore 新加坡佛學院): 劉宋佛教與政爭
5.2 (7:55-8:10) WANG Jing 王靜 (Renmin University of China 中國人民大學): 唐朝肅、代時期的長安佛教與政治
5.3 (8:10-8:25) JI Aimin 季愛民 (Northeast Normal University 東北師範大學): 乘如 (704-778) 與肅、代時代的兩京佛教
Comment 評議 (8:25-8:40) LÜ Bo 呂博
Discussion 討論 (8:40-9:10) Open Floor 開放討論
9:20-10:50 Panel 6: Transborder Transmission 跨界域傳播 (Chair主持: W. LEI 雷聞)
6.1 (9:20-9:35) Qingsheng HUANG 慶聖 (Temple University 天普大學): Huisong 慧嵩 (ca. 460–560): A Gaochang 高昌 Monk in Chinese Abhidharma Transmission Lineage
6.2 (9:35-9:50) D. Max MOERMAN (Columbia University 哥倫比亞大學): Xuanzang in Paris: The Japanese Transmission of Buddhist India to 19th-century Europe
6.3 (9:50-10:05) CHEN Jinhua 陳金華 (UBC 加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學): Monastic Learning and Private Education: The Knowledge Fostering and Transmission Network Centered around Buddhist Temples in Medieval China 寺學與私學: 中古中國以佛寺為中心的知識孵育與傳播網絡
Comment 評議 (10:05-10:20) SHEN Weirong 沈衛榮
Discussion 討論 (10:20-10:50) Open Floor 開放討論


Day 3 第3日: July 6, 2020

6:00-7:30 Panel 7: Textual Transmission 文本傳播 (Chair主持: X. YU 余欣)
7.1 (6:00-6:15) ZHANG Xiaoyan 張小豔 (Fudan University 復旦大學): A Historical Study of the Transmission of the Sutra of the Buddha’s Mother—With Texts and Images as Its Center 《佛母經》傳布的歷史考察——以文本和圖像爲中心
7.2 (6:15-6:30) Shuheng (Diana) ZHANG 張舒姮 (University of Pennsylvania 賓夕法尼亞大學): How was Sanskrit Taught in the Tang?: Reconstructing A 9th-century Chinese-Sanskrit Manuscript in Edo Japan
7.3 (6:30-6:45) SHEN Weirong 沈衛榮 (Tsing-hua University 清華大學): “寃人哩俄行”:藏傳密教儀軌在西夏和蒙古的傳播 (Killing the Enemy by Using a Human Effigy: Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Ritual in Tangut and Mongolia)
Comment 評議(6:45-7:00) Imre GALAMBOS 高奕睿
Discussion (7:00-7:30) Open Floor 開放討論
7:40–9:10 Panel 8: Buddhism & Other Non-Buddhist Religions 佛教與他教 (Chair 主持: X. ZHANG 張小豔)
8.1 (7:40-7:55) LEI Wen 雷聞 (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 中國社會科學院): From “Jingguan” to Buddhist Temples: Dealing with Providing Salvation to Fallen Soldiers during the Sui and Early Tang 從“京觀”到佛寺——隋與唐初戰場屍骸的處理與救度
8.2 (7:55-8:10) YU Xin 余欣 (Fudan University 復旦大學): Materiality, Rituality and Artistic Expression: The Religious Practice of Sutra Kerchief in Medieval Chinese Buddhism and Daoism 物質性、儀式性、藝術表現:經巾在中古佛道二教中的宗教實踐
8.3 (8:10-8:25) SHEN Ruiwen 沈睿文 (Peking University 北京大學): 何處是歸鄉?——陶弘景墓所見葬式及其佛教影響
Comment 評議 (8:25-8:40) Eugene WANG 汪悅進
Discussion 討論 (8:40-9:10) Open Floor 開放討論
9:30-10:00 Final Discussion & Concluding Remarks 最終討論並總結發言