Cluster Leader: Jinhua Jia, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This cluster seeks to respond the question: how have concerns with identifying “genuine” authors affected perceptions of authority and canonicity? Field trips to Jidu temple 濟瀆廟 and Mount Wangwu 王屋山 in Henan province will provide a unique opportunity to address when, where, and who has defined authoritative and authentic religion in China. At Jidu temple, we will investigate the architectural style of the site, the legacy of state sacrifices to the river god, and stele inscriptions on site. On Mount Wangwu, the group will consider rituals, premodern material cultural evidence, stele inscriptions, and contemporary practices of Daoist priests at abbeys.

The report from the 2017 field visit can be found here.

The report from the 2018 field visit can be found here.

2018 field visit team


Affiliated Researchers Associated Researchers
Bratt, David (University of California Berkeley) – 2017 Cheng, Jihong (Zhejiang Ocean University) – 2017
Jia, Jinhua (University of Macau) – 2017, 2018, 2019 Huang, Chenxi (University of Macau) – 2017, 2018
Rusk, Bruce (University of British Columbia) – 2017 Kong, Qingmao (Nanjing University of the Arts) – 2017
ter Haar, Barend (Oxford University) – 2017, 2019 Li, Teng (University of Macau) – 2017
Wang, Yue (University of Saskatchewan)  – 2017 Liu, Jie (Zhejiang Ocean University) – 2017
Lovedahl, Nate (Yale University) – 2018 Rols, Johan (École pratique des hautes études) – 2017
Wei Yin (Oxford University) – 2018 Wang, Shixiao (Southeast University) – 2017, 2018
Xu, Yuji (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) – 2018 Wang, Xiaoyang (Southeast University) – 2017, 2018
Zhang, Yuanjing (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) – 2018 Wu, Sijia (Southeast University) – 2017
Carlton, Kelly (Princeton University) – 2019 Bai, Zhaojie (Shanghai Academy of Social Science) – 2018
Teiser, Stephen (Princeton University) – 2019 Chen, Siyu (Harvard Divinity School) – 2018
Yang, Zhaohua (Columbia University) – 2019 He, Shuyue (McGill University) – 2018, 2019
La Torre, Joseph (Harvard Divinity School) – 2018
Li, Lin (Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts) – 2018
Lu, Guobin (Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts) – 2018
Su, Shenghan (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) – 2018
Tian, Menglu (University of British Columbia) – 2018, 2019
Wang, Yue (University of Alberta) – 2018, 2019
Cluster 2.1

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Jidu Temple: 34.604381, 117.839655
Mount Wangwu: 35.200000, 112.166700
Dongzhen Temple 東鎮廟: 36.198116, 118.670063
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Jidu Temple
Jidu Temple, Jiyuan, Henan, China
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Mount Wangwu
Mount Wangwu, Jiyuan, Henan, China
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Dongzhen Temple 東鎮廟
Dongzhen Temple 東鎮廟, Weifang, China